What’s In Store For The Smoothie Industry in 2022?

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Staying healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has become a priority for everyone, but most Americans have agreed that health and wellness are more important now than ever

The overall rise in health consciousness has led to many individuals choosing cleaner eating and drinking habits, which has proven beneficial for the smoothie industry. As consumers continue to shy away from sugary and artificial smoothies, our real fruit blend smoothies are more in demand than ever before.

At Smoothie King, we’re dedicated to creating smoothies for guests to sustain their bodies, be their best selves and Rule The Day®. Our Clean Blends are packed with nutritious ingredients and irresistible flavors that help guests jumpstart their day and reach their goals

Real Fruit Smoothies Are Still On the Rise

As consumers indulge in their health and fitness journeys, the demand for smoothies made with fresh ingredients has significantly increased. 

According to 2021 smoothie industry statistics, real fruit smoothies are still in demand thanks to their various health benefits. In addition to their delicious taste, smoothies have many health benefits such as weight loss, preventing dehydration, source of antioxidants, enhancing immunity, curbing sleep disorders, boosting brain power, detoxifying the body, and so much more. Drinking real fruit smoothies is also a convenient way to nourish your body with fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals. 

Due to this jump in demand, the smoothie industry segment reached $1,850 million in 2021 and is expected to grow annually by 3.57% through 2026. Not to mention, an increase of 1.6% is expected in 2022 alone. 

Consumers continue to recognize the benefit of a healthy lifestyle, making Smoothie King an attractive investment for prospects. 

Nutrition Enhancers Add More Value 

At Smoothie King, we’ve carefully crafted smoothie blends to fulfill the needs of all of our guests.

Our Clean Blends are separated into Get Fit blends, Stay Slim blends, Be Well blends and Take A Break blends are packed with fresh ingredients our guests love. Ingredients such as protein powder, almonds, fresh fruits, vegetables, multivitamins, fiber, super grains, probiotics and immune support attract consumers to purchase these smoothies. Although our specialty blends are nutritious and flavorful, each one is made differently. 

Our Get Fit Blends are made with protein-rich ingredients to help fuel the body or help it recover faster after a good workout. The Stay Fit blends are made to help consumers stay in shape with under 350 calories for every 20 oz. Our Be Well blends are packed with essential vitamins that help maintain the health of the body, while the Take a Break blends are simply made for enjoyment or as a reward after a much-needed workout.

Our expansive menu of smoothies makes it easy for guests to choose a blend that best fits their needs and goals. Some of our guests even find these smoothies to be sufficient meal replacements. 

Consumers Love Quality & Convenience

As the demand for smoothies continues to rise, consumers seek ways to get their smoothie-fix as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our grab-and-go, quick-service atmosphere allows guests to place their orders through our Healthy Rewards app and head to one of our locations to pick up their smoothie quickly. Guests also have the option to place their order in the drive-thru as they’re heading to work, school or the gym.

At Smoothie King, we’re focused on providing our guests with the best and fastest service. 

Ready to Invest In the Smoothie Industry? 

The future is bright for the smoothie industry, and there’s never been a better time to join Smoothie King. This new year we’re looking forward to capitalizing on technology by improving our Healthy Rewards loyalty app, offering curbside pick up and enhancing delivery. 

As the nation’s #1 health and fitness smoothie brand, we continue to be laser-focused on guests’ health and wellness.  

Interested in joining the largest smoothie brand? Contact us today to learn more about Smoothie King franchise opportunities! 


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