Smoothie Franchise Opportunities – How We’re Innovating in a Competitive Market

A woman, masked and gloved, serves a cup of ice cream at a drive-thru smoothie concept.

Smoothie King is proud to be a leader in the smoothie industry, and we understand that being a leading brand in our category requires us to focus on what lies on the horizon to stay ahead of the competition. We’re consistently innovating our smoothie franchise opportunities to maintain our momentum, establish our ever-increasing market share, and grow brand awareness, as well as benefit our franchisees.

We’ve experienced substantial growth over the past 10 years and attribute our accomplishments to our ability to deliver an incredible guest experience through our commitment to franchise owner success. With over 1,350 locations worldwide and as one of the fastest-growing franchise brands in the country, we’ve paved a well-conceived path to help our franchisees improve their performance and strengthen their loyal customer bases.

We go well beyond just fruit in a blender; we create masterfully crafted smoothies that are expertly blended for our guests’ specific needs, goals, and ambitions. We deliver specialized smoothies our guests have come to love as part of their active lifestyles, without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

When you partner with Smoothie King, you’ll immediately gain recognition as a leader in the smoothie industry and access to a great portfolio of effective products, materials, and tools you can use to grow your new business. You’ll provide the fresh smoothies and smoothie bowls our customers enjoy while benefiting from world-class support, comprehensive guidance, robust marketing strategies, refined technology systems, and more, all as part of our powerful brand positioning.

We Keep Evolving As consumer preferences shift to focus more on health and wellness, Smoothie King has evolved our brand to align with this holistic trend. We’ve developed our franchise system to empower owners to break into this growing market with the resources they need to stay ahead of the competition and consumer preferences in the communities they serve.

A woman showcasing a green smoothie, emphasizing its relevance to gut health and the current trend.

When we set out to refresh and expand our menus, we focused on the purpose-driven segment of the market, adding our clean, better-for-you smoothies and smoothie bowls that meet each guest’s health and wellness goals by helping to improve gut health and digestion. Adding these smoothies to our menu enables our franchisees to bolster their bottom lines and meet consumer demand, which is essential to driving revenue to each store.

As we continue adding new products and expanding our menus, our premium smoothies have become integral to our guests’ active lifestyles and fitness journeys.

How We’ll Help You Maintain Momentum in the Smoothie Franchise Market At Smoothie King, we’re invested in our franchise owners and welcome collaboration. Encouraging our franchisees to contribute and voice their ideas can start conversations that lead to incredible accomplishments, an essential element to our mutual success. Franchisee feedback allows us to work together to rejuvenate our systems and processes so that we’re better able to achieve greater success.

From our first meeting to your grand opening and beyond, we’re here to support you every step of the way to help you maintain momentum. Here’s some of the support you can expect from Smoothie King when you open a smoothie franchise with us:

World-Class Support

We’ve aligned our processes, team members, and resources to deliver the education, motivation, and support you need to help you successfully launch your new business. We’ve fine-tuned our business systems to ensure our stores operate seamlessly with limited inventory and waste. We’ve added multiple revenue streams and feature a lower initial investment than other quick-service restaurants to help our franchisees see a return on their investment.

Product Development

We’re constantly testing and introducing new products designed to drive traffic and sales to your business, enhance the menu, and meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

Real Estate & Construction

Since location is one of the most important factors in the success of any Smoothie King store, we’ve enlisted our talented real estate team to help you find the most optimal area for your business.

Comprehensive Franchise Training

We’ve found that thorough franchise training is a huge key to your success, so we’ve developed our extensive training program to unfold over three phases: orientation, management, and store opening. Once training is complete, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge you need to run a successful business.


We have a good understanding of what works when it comes to marketing and provide strategic marketing tactics to set you up for success. We’ll use smart marketing strategies like in-store and outside promotional materials, local marketing tools, colorful retail merchandising displays, and a strong online presence to showcase our products and brand, attract new guests, and keep regulars coming back.


We’ve been diligently engineering our technology to make business operations simple and easy to master. Between our Point of Sale (POS) system and web and intranet technologies, be assured we’ve made running a Smoothie King franchise an efficient and organized process so you can manage your resources and work toward growing your business.

Powerful Brand Strategy

We’re working hard to elevate the Smoothie King brand and make our franchise even more recognizable throughout the country and worldwide. We’re bringing a great deal of attention to the brand to help give franchisees a significant brand boost.

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that helps you innovate in a competitive market, there’s no better choice than Smoothie King.

Contact us today to learn more about owning a smoothie franchise with Smoothie King and how our business model can help you break into the growing industry


A woman, masked and gloved, serves a cup of ice cream at a drive-thru smoothie concept.

Smoothie Franchise Opportunities – How We’re Innovating in a Competitive Market

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