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What Our Franchise Owners are Saying

  • Erica Davis

    Erica Davis


    "One of the most satisficing aspects of being an owner has been being able to get out into the community and support local members, like healthcare workers and schools."

  • Humza Tanvir - Multi-unit owner

    Humza Tanvir - Multi-unit owner

    Philadelphia, PA

    "This business is very scalable… there is great support provided at Smoothie King corporate. You have all the systems in place for you to manage and run your business easily."

  • Anna & Michael Dey

    Anna & Michael Dey

    Painesville, OH

    "We wanted to continue to thrive in our hometown & bring the lifestyle of health and fitness to our community. Smoothie King was the perfect choice because we could share something we love with our community!"

  • Roger Wilder - 20-year multi-unit franchisee

    Roger Wilder - 20-year multi-unit franchisee

    Baton Rouge, LA

    "We get to go to work every day and sell a product that is beneficial and can impact people in numerous ways that they don’t even understand or know. To be able to use that mission to educate people and use our product to make changes in their lives is incredible."

  • Josh and Lauren Jester - 2-unit owners

    Josh and Lauren Jester - 2-unit owners

    South Bend, OR

    "We found a brand that aligns with us wholeheartedly. It is something we believe in. We are health-conscious people ourselves. We hope that our kids, as we raise them, will grow up to be that way and now we get to provide that to other people"