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What Our Franchise Owners are Saying

  • Erica Davis

    Erica Davis


    "One of the most satisficing aspects of being an owner has been being able to get out into the community and support local members, like healthcare workers and schools."

  • Humza Tanvir - Multi-unit owner

    Humza Tanvir - Multi-unit owner

    Philadelphia, PA

    "This business is very scalable… there is great support provided at Smoothie King corporate. You have all the systems in place for you to manage and run your business easily."

  • Liz Szabo & Jeremy Haley

    Liz Szabo & Jeremy Haley

    Pittsburg, PA

    "One of the reasons I decided to own a Smoothie King in the first place was, even though it was already a well known brand, it operated like a close knit family. The home office team is really awesome and they're always willing to make themselves available and the rest of the franchisee's are like a really big family."

  • Anna & Michael Dey

    Anna & Michael Dey

    Painesville, OH

    "We wanted to continue to thrive in our hometown & bring the lifestyle of health and fitness to our community. Smoothie King was the perfect choice because we could share something we love with our community!"

  • Roger Wilder - 20-year multi-unit franchisee

    Roger Wilder - 20-year multi-unit franchisee

    Baton Rouge, LA


    We get to go to work every day and sell a product that is beneficial and can impact people in numerous ways that they don’t even understand or know. To be able to use that mission to educate people and use our product to make changes in their lives is incredible


  • Josh and Lauren Jester - 2-unit owners

    Josh and Lauren Jester - 2-unit owners

    South Bend, OR

    "We found a brand that aligns with us wholeheartedly. It is something we believe in. We are health-conscious people ourselves. We hope that our kids, as we raise them, will grow up to be that way and now we get to provide that to other people"

  • Dewayne Bohannon

    Dewayne Bohannon

    "I have been a small business person for over 30 years and stumbled over Smoothie King when my son was playing soccer. I think it's one of the most purpose-driven businesses out there."

  • Phi Lyn Ellis

    Phi Lyn Ellis

    "It's one of the best, non-stressful jobs. You meet all kinds of interesting people."

  • Jackie Floyd

    Jackie Floyd

    "I drink the Gladiator Smoothie with peanut butter and strawberries and I add a multivitamin. And since I started drinking that about a year ago I haven't gotten sick, only once which is just recently. So I feel that the smoothies are really great for a meal replacement and keep me really full and I love the product."

  • John Avalos

    John Avalos

    "I would recommend Smoothie King for anyone interested in the franchise or the brand. What I like about the brand is that there is a vision and I like the management that is in place. Wan Kim ever since he took over the company has brought on board senior personnel that I feel is doing extremely well with the company and and the direction it's being taken in."

  • Katie and Richard Benjamin

    Katie and Richard Benjamin

    "It is without a doubt that I would recommend Smoothie King Franchise. They helped us from grassroots and with everything. They care about you their mission is people purpose passion and that is exactly what they are."

  • Fern Dawkins

    Fern Dawkins

    "I have loved Smoothie King ever since I was 19 years old and I’m very excited to now be a franchisee. I would definitely recommend Smoothie King to other potential franchisees. Smoothie King is an excellent brand, it’s growing, the people are fantastic and their purpose is great..."

  • Ed & Brandon Shamy | Smoothie King Franchisee

    "It is gratifying to be serving a healthier product that our guests really enjoy, and will make a positive impact on their lifestyle. Smoothie King's support system has helped us establish two successful stores within two years."

  • Sid Weigan | Smoothie King Franchisee

    "I have been a Smoothie King franchisee for 14 years, and have never been more pleased. Not only does Smoothie King afford me the opportunity to support my family, but it also affords me the opportunity to be hands-on and work within an environment I enjoy and appreciate. By offering guests healthy meal choices and products, unlike other fast food, Smoothie King allows me to earn an income while making a difference in the lives of others."

  • Jerry McGrath | Smoothie King Franchisee

    "Owning my Smoothie King store has been a very rewarding experience. Smoothie King is super easy to work with - they give you all of the support you want and need. They give you the opportunity and some leeway to do what you do best. They certainly have in place all the different guidelines, procedures and training to help people be successful. The plan is in place, it's just a matter of how well you implement it, turn it around and adapt it to who you are. Every market is different so it's much more successful when you can tailor it to who you are but still maintain the quality and integrity of the product. I've really enjoyed working with all of the people at the corporate office. They're there for the support if and when you need them."

  • Phil Garofalo | Smoothie King Franchisee

    "The experience with Smoothie King so far has been great. I couldn't ask for a better group to work with. We are all successful because we work as a team. Everyone is approachable and helps you in every way they can. I look forward to continuing the success of my store and expand in the future."

  • Roger Wilder | Smoothie King Franchisee

    "Consumers today are more health-conscious than ever before, and our wide variety of fresh-blended smoothies, juices, nutritional supplements and snacks continue to meet their needs. With 40 years of brand heritage, multiple revenue streams and flexible development options, Smoothie King has a proven business model for multi-unit ownership, growth and success."

  • Jeremy Kubicek | Smoothie King Franchisee

    "Smoothie King has definitely been consistent, honest, direct and helpful. It's been great. Being a prospective franchisee was probably the scariest time in my business venture because you're not sure how much support you'll get. But not with Smoothie King. They have been completely supportive and it's been a wonderful experience"

  • Jason Simpson

    Jason Simpson

    "I believe that this type of franchise was more suited for what I wanted to do and to meet. To me that health requirement was important."

  • Joe Moon

    Joe Moon

    "Not only do I like the business because I am an owner, but I believe in it. I am a customer first. Before I ever had my store open this is where I went to."

  • Robert Dodd

    Robert Dodd

    "I tried a smoothie and I said, "let's go to Discovery Day." So we jumped on a plane that afternoon and we made Discovery Day that Friday in New Orleans. The kids love it, they are health conscious and we found out how good Smoothie Kings are for you."

  • Philip Jones

    Philip Jones

    "Originally I looked at several different concepts that were similar to Smoothie King. one thing that I saw in Smoothie King was the passion and the excitement inside the stores and all the possible different items we were able to provide to customers."

  • Dale and Jennifer Baird

    Dale and Jennifer Baird

    "Love the brand, love everything about it. We were big into exercising and we found something that we really enjoyed as consumers. We started poking around and wanted to do our own business."

  • Malcolm Jackson

    Malcolm Jackson

    "Through my duration with Smoothie King, they've really stepped to the plate on somethings."

  • Tony Ugoh

    Tony Ugoh

    "If I was going to promote something I wanted to be something I actually used myself and you know I've already been a big fan of the product, so for me it was definitely a no-brainer. I just really believe in that mission statement."