Why Our Smoothie Franchise Was Recognized for Franchisee Satisfaction

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After experiencing a record-breaking 2021, we have high hopes for our smoothie franchise in 2022. In addition to a 16.5% year-over-year increase in domestic sales, we also opened 109 new stores globally. 

Not only did our corporate team and franchisees recognize our impressive growth, but so did top publications like Entrepreneur, who ranked us No. 13 on their Franchise 500 List

We even received a 2022 Top Franchise Award from Franchise Business Review, ranking as one of the top franchises for franchisee satisfaction. This recognition was the cherry on top of our incredibly successful 2021, and it sets the stage for an even bigger year ahead.

What Does This Recognition Mean for Our Smoothie Franchise?

Being a top franchise has its perks, especially when we’re recognized by a group of people we care so deeply about– our franchisees. Franchise Business Review bases its awards on a variety of factors, most notably by surveying thousands of franchise partners. After all, what better resource is there than the people running the locations?

Their satisfaction survey includes questions centered around training, leadership, core values and more. Our corporate team works hard to ensure that not only are our locations profitable for franchisees but that they’re fully supported in all areas of their business- including real estate, marketing, recruiting and hiring, training, technology and more.

One of the best parts of being a top franchise is fulfilling our mission of helping others. The more we continue to be recognized and grow our franchise, the more we can inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

How Do We Maintain Our High Franchisee Satisfaction Rate?

Out of our 196 store commitments signed in 2021, 63% were existing franchisees looking to continue growing their portfolio with Smoothie King. Our smoothie franchise is notorious for multi-unit ownership

One of the reasons we were given a high satisfaction rate is because of our forward-thinking approach. We’re constantly investing in the latest technology and our product development. From our Healthy Rewards app to pickup, delivery and voice ordering, each of these features not only provides added convenience for our guests but extra revenue streams for our franchisees. 

Our unique and innovative product also provides franchisees with a one-of-a-kind experience. Because our Smoothies with a Purpose appeal to all types of guests– whether they are looking to get fit, stay slim, be well, take a break or enjoy the diverse flavors and health benefits our Clean Blends have to offer– franchisees aren’t limited to serving a specific group of guests. 

Serving products that no one else does– and most importantly, products that are truly good for our guests and free of added sugars or preservatives– provides franchisees with a unique selling proposition and the rewarding feeling of helping others that you just can’t put a price on. We’re continuously developing and testing new products, like our most recent line of The Activator Recovery smoothies. 

How We Blend Opportunity With Profitability

Keeping our brand moving forward sets our franchise apart from competitors and provides constant growth opportunities for our franchisees. Our flexible business model allows for options prospects may not get with other smoothie franchises, such as the opportunity to operate drive-thrus and nontraditional locations. 

Franchisees who have opened nontraditional locations on sites like college campuses have seen first-hand how this lower-investment model can teach them the ins and outs of running a smoothie franchise, all while boosting their return on investment. 

Of course, with plenty of opportunities comes plenty to figure out. With our world-class support, we work with our franchisees from the day they sign an agreement throughout their long journey of success. Many of them credit our corporate team and streamlined operations for alleviating much of the stress and uncertainty that would typically come with running a business.

“This business is very scalable… There’s great support provided by Smoothie King corporate. You have all the systems in place for you to manage and run your business easily,” said multi-unit owner Humza Tanvir

How Can Entrepreneurs Benefit from Our Award-Winning Smoothie Franchise?

As time goes on, we plan to continue our efforts to satisfy our franchisees. There’s plenty of room for more partners to get in on all the action, even with our constant expansion.

With a simple, straightforward process that begins with filling out our franchisee application, current or aspiring entrepreneurs can capitalize on the multi-million dollar smoothie market with a supportive corporate team that will accompany them on the path to success.

Looking to join a franchise with one of the highest franchisee satisfaction rates in the industry? Contact us today to learn how you can open a Smoothie King in your area.


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