Comprehensive Franchise Training and Ongoing Support to Guide Owning a Smoothie Shop

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Smoothie King has experienced phenomenal growth over the past ten years, but nothing has fueled our momentum quite like our commitment to franchise owner success. We’re focused on providing our owners with comprehensive franchise training and ongoing support they need when it comes to owning a smoothie shop because our accomplishments often start as a great idea implemented by passionate people who share our goals.

Our dedication to franchisee success starts with extensive training and continues with unwavering support for the life of your business. We provide the momentum you need to own a successful smoothie franchise while powerfully positioning the Smoothie King brand, establishing our ever-increasing market share, and building brand awareness. 

Once you’ve signed the franchise agreement and become an official member of the Smoothie King family, you’ll receive extensive assistance to equip you with the necessary knowledge, inspiration, and support to ensure a successful launch of your new store. We’ve specifically selected our team, resources, and processes to help you avoid the pitfalls of starting from scratch and set you up for success. 

We’ve developed our starter kit so you can embrace your entrepreneurial spirit while breaking into a strong and growing industry. We offer the experience, support, and training that come with being an industry-leading brand so you can make a lasting impact on your community. As part of Smoothie King’s powerful brand positioning, you’ll provide the fresh smoothies and smoothie bowls our customers enjoy as you benefit from world-class support, comprehensive guidance, expert marketing strategies, refined technology systems, and much more. 

In-Depth Franchise Training

As the top and best smoothie franchise brand in the US, Smoothie King has the most knowledge and experience in running a successful smoothie business. Our processes, team members, and resources are all aligned to deliver the education, motivation, and support you need to help you successfully launch a new Smoothie King store. We’ve found that thorough training is a huge key to your success as a franchisee, so our goal is to ensure you have the resources you need to open a Smoothie King of your own!

Our decades of experience have helped us develop our training program which consists of four phases to give you a complete overview of all things Smoothie King. Generally, our training schedule is spaced over five weeks, with one day of orientation (pre-store opening), four weeks of management training (at a corporate training facility before opening), and five days of on-site training (three days before opening and two days after opening). 

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from each phase:

Phase 1 | Orientation

During orientation, you’ll take part in a one-day introductory session. We’ll introduce you to the Smoothie King system, our sustainable culture, and a variety of pre-opening procedures. We’ll also review administrative tasks like budgeting, business planning, financing, site selection, construction, and the equipment ordering process. 

Phase 2 | Management Training

The second phase of training is a four-week management training session comprising three weeks at a certified training store and one week at our Dallas headquarters. This comprehensive, hands-on course will familiarize you with core product knowledge and our operational systems. 

Phase 3 | Store Opening

As part of phase three, we’ll send a Store Opener to your location to provide up to five days of further training for you and your team members. This phase is designed to teach general store procedures as we cover required topics for the opening and successful operation of your store. 

World-Class Support for Your Smoothie Franchise

Of course, we don’t stop there – we’ll back you up with ongoing support! From your first day as a franchise owner, you’ll have the full backing of over 1,350 store owners and our Smoothie King corporate team. You’ll always have someone ready to answer any questions and help you make your business the best it can be. 

Phase 4 | Ongoing Support

We firmly believe that providing franchise owners access to all levels of the organization is the best way to be the leading smoothie franchise brand. We relentlessly assist our franchisees with field and corporate support teams that are experienced, courteous, and results-driven. We’re here to help you face any challenge your business may experience. 

Franchisee Intranet

One of the greatest features of the Smoothie King franchise opportunity is our comprehensive franchisee intranet. Here, you’ll have access to everything you need regarding operations, training, and support, as well as the ability to connect with other franchisees virtually. Our intranet system also provides owners with the tools they need at their fingertips, including coupon templates, team member training videos, manuals, and much more. Plus, you can email and chat with other franchisees, managers, and corporate team members through discussion boards for seamless interactions.


Our technology is designed to make your job much easier to manage and give you a competitive advantage. We integrate our refined systems and technology across the board, from the blenders we use to our POS systems, displays, and refrigeration. 


We provide our franchise owners with resourceful marketing strategies and tactics to keep regular guests coming back and attract new ones to our stores. By joining Smoothie King, you’re immediately gaining recognition as a leader in the smoothie industry with full access to a strong portfolio of effective marketing products, materials, and tools you can use to grow your business. 

Our ability to deliver an incredible guest experience is inherently connected to our commitment to franchise owner success. If you’re ready to be in business for yourself but not by yourself with a franchisor who’s invested in your success, a franchise opportunity with Smoothie King is a great venture to explore!

Contact us today to request more information about owning a smoothie chain franchise with Smoothie King and how our business model can help you break into a growing industry.


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A group of Smoothie King franchisees posing in front of a mascot.

Comprehensive Franchise Training and Ongoing Support to Guide Owning a Smoothie Shop

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