What Goes Into the Smoothie King Certified Manager Training Program?

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As a smoothie franchise owner, you need a team you can trust to run your business. This includes all your employees, though a most crucial position in any service business is the manager. Having a hard-working, skilled and reliable in-store manager is essential for any franchise.

In the coming months, we will roll out our new Certified Manager Training Program to ensure our Smoothie King franchisees have a trustworthy and responsible manager on their team at all times. With this program, we provide rigorous corporate training and certification for store managers, as well as franchisees.

A New Way of Training

The Smoothie King Certified Manager Training Program is designed to speed up our process of certifying managers for our franchisees.

For years, franchisees and a manager of their choice have been required to attend our manager certification training in Dallas. The idea behind this requirement is that we want our franchisees, as well as ourselves, to know they have a corporate-approved and trained manager who is ready to run the store.

Additionally, it’s important for our franchisees themselves to be certified. There’s no way to know when an employee will call in sick, suddenly leaving the franchisee to step in and fill an operational role.

Our two-week training program ensures the franchisee will be able to do this. A manager can test out of the first week of the program with a good performance on the team fundamentals exam they will receive prior to attending the course in Dallas.

Even with this option, however, requiring all managers to attend our training in Dallas slowed our efficiency, so we sought to find an alternative option.

The Smoothie King Certified Manager Training Program offers franchisees a new way of remotely certifying their managers. With the new program, managers can become eligible to become certified by corporate through a series of quizzes.

For his or her managers to qualify, a franchisee’s store must be considered exemplary in its cleanliness and operations. If approved, a manager from that location can complete a blends course and data central proficiency exam, among other tests, to receive their certification.

Striving for Efficiency

Our goal with the new Certified Manager Training Program is simple. We want to improve the efficiency of our franchises. Not only that, but we also want to make our certification process easier and more convenient for our franchisees.

The new certification process is especially valuable for our multi-unit franchisees. Aside from the peace of mind a qualified and certified manager running your stores provides, having a more efficient way to train your managers than sending them to Dallas and away from your stores for two weeks saves you both time and money.

In an industry that has a higher turnover rate than most, switching or replacing managers somewhat often may be necessary. With The Smoothie King Certified Manager Training Program, our franchisees have a new, more efficient way of providing them all-star managers.

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