How this Business Owner’s Weight Loss Inspired Him to Become a Smoothie King Franchisee

A Las Vegas-based entrepreneur began his path towards becoming a Smoothie King franchisee at a media and technology company. As a co-founder of the agency and working with different social media influencers, he met a number of different clients with varying interests.

One client stood out to him. She was a fitness influencer fanatical about Smoothie King. Because of her recommendation and passion, he visited the nearest Smoothie King and was immediately hooked.

The Smoothie King owner began traveling out of his way to grab our smoothies – two Lean1 smoothies a day. Without even working out, he lost 30 pounds.

“The whole journey really inspired me,” he said. “It was bigger than me losing 30 pounds. I realized a lot of people have various issues losing weight and trying to stay healthy. I needed to do something bigger – I thought maybe I could one day own one of these Smoothie King’s and use my social media influence to market to the masses.”

Now, five years later, he and his business partner, V and J Smoothies LLC, are the owners of a Smoothie King in Las Vegas.

Finding Guests’ Purpose

Despite only having two months of Smoothie King ownership under their belt, V and J Smoothies are helping to move our brand forward. They took on their current Las Vegas store from a previous owner, so they’ve spent much of their time building their perfect team.

“Over the last two months, our focus has been on bringing new team members in here and providing additional training to existing team members, which creates a strong foundation,” they said.

Their focus as franchise owners stems from the same mission that made them fall in love with Smoothie King as our guests: identifying the purpose for buying our product.

“We ask our guests what their purpose is,” they said. “Are they focusing on maintaining their wellness? Are they trying to gain weight or lose weight? Based on their purpose, we can better craft a phenomenal smoothie for them.”

To make this process even more impactful, the franchise owners place tablets on each register, displaying the Smoothie King app and optimizing the ordering process. This lets customers see the ingredients in each smoothie blend, as well as how they can modify their order to achieve their unique purpose.

“Guests are able to see the value of our app in-store, and they usually download it right there or soon after,” they said.

The addition of tablets is just one way V and J Smoothies remains proactive in their business ownership. They work with their team hands-on and interact with guests face-to-face, which are often some of their most rewarding moments as Smoothie King franchise owners.

They put their guests’ purposes ahead of everything else and go to great lengths to ensure every guest is satisfied. When a California mother discovered her picky child enjoyed Smoothie King products during a trip to Las Vegas, they worked with their team to supply her with ingredients and recipes to continue to make smoothies for her child at home. For these franchisees, purpose is king.

Fighting Against Childhood Obesity

With their Smoothie King, they have also set their sights on combatting the widespread obesity epidemic.

Obesity is prevalent in 13.7 million children aged two to nineteen. The epidemic is born from the overwhelming amount of unhealthy food options that are often easier, cheaper and taste better than healthy alternatives.

”If we’re able to reach these kids at a young age, by the time they’re 25 it’s already embedded in their minds what they need to do to be healthy,” they said. “It’s really good to see that.”

The V and J Smoothies works with Clark County schools as well as a local waterpark to help provide the youth in their community with a tasty and nutritious meal or snack option. Whether they are exercising during school sports or spending a day at the waterpark, kids can use a healthier alternative to fuel their active lifestyles.

This ability to impact lives through their business keeps them living out their own purpose every day.

Do you want to help others achieve a healthy and active lifestyle? Contact us today to learn more about owning a Smoothie King!


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