Smoothie King Launches At-Home Smoothie Subscription, Nourish Daily

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Smoothies have become an integral part of the health and wellness industry, as a great way to receive crucial nutrients in your diet that you may otherwise lack. Especially on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, where consumers are more health conscious than ever before and turning to clean eating and drinking habits.

Consumers who are ready to prioritize their health and wellness have only further propelled the success of the smoothie industry and created a growing demand for our real fruit blend smoothies, in-store and at-home.

At Smoothie King, we’ve been listening to our dedicated guests and recognizing the demand for the same healthy smoothie options easily accessible at home. As a result, we launched Nourish Daily, a smoothie subscription exclusive to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. (But that we hope to be expanding to more cities soon!)

Nourish Daily provides customizable, purpose-driven smoothies packed with nutritious ingredients and irresistible flavors in space-saving recyclable packaging with the convenience of free local delivery or in-store pickup.


Nourish Daily offers 12 “purpose powders” including keto-friendly protein, muscle-building, vegan and immune support. The subscription allows guests to mix and match their selection of purpose powders with 10 different ingredient blend options such as Wild Berry, Strawberry Pineapple and Veggie Mango to curate a truly customized smoothie experience.

To create a custom smoothie, you combine the “purpose powder,” ingredient blend and preferred liquid (e.g., water, milk, or juice) in a blender. No ice is required. Just blend and pour, making it simple to enjoy delicious smoothies at home that supports a healthy and active lifestyle.


Nourish Daily does the backend work for its guests by providing clean ingredients, customized recipes and free local delivery or in-store pickup scheduled through It takes the hassle out of sourcing smoothie ingredients, saves time going to and from the grocery store and eliminates the guesswork of creating great-tasting recipes.

Smoothie subscriptions are delivered with the convenience of choosing the date and time of the delivery, eliminating time spent tracking shipments or sitting unattended for an extended period. Alternatively, guests can pick up their smoothie subscription in-store at their nearestSmoothie King location.


Nourish Daily comes in flat, space-saving and recyclable packaging to avoid bulky containers that take up too much freezer space. The smoothie subscription is available in quantities of seven ($6.99 per smoothie), 14 ($6.29 per smoothie), or 21 ($5.29 per smoothie).

For over 50 years, we have been evolving to best serve our customers and create opportunity for our franchisees — which is why we’ve become a top smoothie franchise. Interested in joining the smoothie movement? Contact us today to learn more about Smoothie King franchise opportunities!


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