Purpose-Driven Marketing for Our Summer Smoothies

Purpose-driven marketing for our summer smoothies at Smoothie King, featuring whole raspberries.

Everything Smoothie King does – from every blend we create to every team member we hire – is for a purpose: inspiring people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. We especially took this purpose to heart as we developed our summer smoothies.

This summer, we’ve added whole raspberries to our menu as part of our Cleaner Blending initiative and have incorporated them into new blends. These smoothies are a twist on some of our current blends—the Greek Yogurt Raspberry and the Angel Food Raspberry. Although these smoothies are only available until September 3, the whole raspberries are a permanent part of our menu.

Our Cleaner Blending initiative has helped us work towards our purpose with every blend, and the new summer blends are helping Smoothie King franchisees reach new guests and offer an upgraded, better-for-you version of regulars’ favorite smoothies.

New Smoothie Blends for Peak Season

Summer is a peak season for smoothies. In addition to our regulars who use our smoothies as meal replacements, the summer brings new guests hoping to keep cool with a smoothie. The busy season helps franchise owners expand their guest base, and our summer smoothies are a great place to start.

Elise Ganucheau, product manager at Smoothie King, said samples are always a great way to market new blends.

“Getting the smoothie in guests’ hands is the best marketing tool,” Elise said. “Tasting new blends is the best way to showcase the power of the quality ingredients we use.”

In addition, each franchisee receives a kit with promotional materials and marketing tips. This, in combination with an online campaign showcasing whole raspberries, allows guests worldwide to learn more about whole ingredients, cleaner blending and the summer blends.

The Purpose of New Smoothies

Adding new ingredients and blends keeps our menu fresh, but it also demonstrates the fact that we are paying close attention to guest feedback.

“Building on cleaner blending and bringing in these new additions reminds guests that we’re here to fill their needs,” Elise said. “We are listening and bringing what they need to fulfill their purpose.”

Whole raspberries are a source of Vitamin C, and eliminating raspberry sorbet cuts down on added sugar. The permanent addition of raspberries means this nutritious ingredient can be added to a variety of blends, adding a delightfully unique tart flavor and allowing guests to customize their favorites.

“Cleaner blending helps us broaden our reach by appealing to guests who are seeking better-for-you products, while helping them achieve their nutrition and fitness goals,” Elise said. “We’re always looking to add more whole fruits and vegetables that our guests want, especially when they taste as great as these new smoothies. We’re excited to make our menu even more nutritious as we move forward with cleaner blending.”

Our relentless dedication to purpose allows us to meet guests’ needs and constantly improve and grow as a brand. We’re committed to expanding cleaner blending by adding new whole ingredients.

To learn more about how joining a brand that’s dedicated to inspiring guests live a healthy and active lifestyle, download your free Smoothie King Franchise Kit.


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