How Smoothie King Franchisees Embody the Brand’s Core Values [Part 1]

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From our very inception, Smoothie King has set out to provide our guests with a product customized to help them reach their individual goals. In order to consistently deliver on our mission to inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles, every Smoothie King franchisee needs to be committed to our philosophy.

We’ve seen countless franchisees take our core values to heart:

  • Purpose-driven
  • Health
  • Respect & Support
  • Knowledge
  • Balance
  • Honesty
  • Pride & Enjoyment

In part one of this two-part blog post, we show examples of how our franchisees have gone above and beyond to exemplify the first three core values in their day-to-day operations.

In part one of this two-part blog post, we show examples of how our franchisees have gone above and beyond to exemplify the first three core values in their day-to-day operations.

1. Purpose-Driven

“What is your purpose?” We ask all of our franchisees this question. What is your purpose for opening a Smoothie King? What are you hoping to gain from this endeavor? For one of our North Carolina franchisees, Quamisha Nelson, her purpose is clear – to give back to her community. A former school teacher, Quamisha has made it her personal goal to help provide struggling families in her community with school supplies and material, giving local children the proper tools for classroom success.

“Helping children do well in school has always been something I’ve strived for,” said Quamisha. “I’m thrilled that I can use my business to make my community better. So far, we’ve been able to provide over 10,000 backpacks full of supplies to children. Even though this has been a passion project of mine, Smoothie King has been happy to be involved every step of the way.”

Quamisha’s use of her Smoothie King location to fulfill her commitment to her community has been nothing short of incredible. She exemplifies the Smoothie King mission and has used it to make a tremendous impact on others.

2. Health

Jamie Joyal, a Smoothie King franchisee based in Texas, has over 16 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. As a previous multi-facility gym manager, he built his entire career by helping others reach their fitness goals. He continues following that path as he provides health-conscious Smoothie King guests with a nutritious, mindful alternative to traditional fast-food options.

“I’ve always felt that a smoothie was the perfect complement to a workout,” said Jamie. “I wanted to get involved with something that would assist in growing health-consciousness and awareness in the area. Similar to a gym, guests are coming into Smoothie King for a purpose – to better themselves. Whether it’s to build muscle, become slimmer, or lose or gain weight, we offer something that can aid them in reaching their lifestyle goals as part of a sensible diet and fitness routine.”

Jamie has used his passion for nutrition and wellness, combined with his previous experience as a gym manager and personal trainer, to provide his community with a resource to assist them in living a better, well-rounded lifestyle.

3. Respect & Support

Our franchisees make it their personal mission to not only help people in their community but also support one another. When New Jersey-based franchisee Heidi Law was working to secure real estate for her Smoothie King location, fellow franchisees and members of the corporate team were quick to reach out and offer support.

“I was so impressed with how supportive and willing they were to listen and help me every step of the way,” said Heidi. “They took a genuine interest in my issues and offered to help in any way they could. In fact, Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim personally reached out to the landlord on my behalf to help get the ball rolling.”

In part two of “How Smoothie King Franchisees Embody the Brand’s Core Values,” we’ll showcase four more franchisees who exemplify our core values. Learn more about becoming a Smoothie King franchisee by downloading our Franchise Kit.


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