3 Reasons Smoothie Franchises Need a Robust Recipe Management System

Smoothie Franchises Benefit from Enhanced Recipe Management System.

When researching franchise opportunities, operational efficiencies should be at the top of the list of factors to consider. Smoothie King knows this, which is why the brand continually seeks to invest in systems that help make running a store easier and more efficient for franchisees.

Specifically, Smoothie King franchisees love the company’s recipe management system, which integrates with the point of sale (POS) system. Here’s why:

  • It helps to reduce the likelihood of employees making mistakes
  • It helps to keep food waste costs down
  • It helps to protect intellectual property

How Does it Work?

When guests order their smoothies and the employee enters it into the POS system, the recipe management system automatically produces the list of ingredients and their respective quantities for each order.

It sounds simple, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few more details highlighting the benefits for Smoothie King franchisees:

1. Consistently Confident

The recipe management system helps ensure that the employee will make each blend right the first time, which contributes to high morale among employees and product consistency across the Smoothie King system. High morale means a happy workplace, and a happy workplace means better productivity and happy guests. According to the American Psychological Association, high morale is good for the bottom line.

On the other hand, even one order mistake can mean trouble – potentially an upset guest who vows never to come back and lets other consumers know about the mistake. Meanwhile, that employee’s confidence has taken a hit, which results in low morale. Consistency goes a long way toward preventing mistakes. Even more, having products made the same way at every location builds brand loyalty because the chain is recognized as dependable and familiar.

2. Stewards of the Industry

Smoothie King franchisees also appreciate the reduction in food waste, thanks to the recipe management system. Because Smoothie King is cutting down on food waste, it’s lessening its part in contributing to the 25,000 to 75,000 pounds of food waste generated by restaurants in any given year. The issue is a growing concern in the restaurant industry with several players trying to figure out ways to cut down food waste.

Not only do Smoothie King franchisees feel good about being part of a solution to the problem; they’re also enjoying the cost savings associated with reducing food waste. In markets where landfill bans are in place, which prevent or restrict the disposal of all or various kinds of waste, restaurants can boost their bottom line. In those areas, food waste must be hauled further to landfills without a ban, which forces restaurants to pay a higher hauling fee. Less food waste equals less money paid for hauling.

3. It’s Not Rocket Science, but…

In this competitive period for the smoothie industry, where consumers are setting their sights on healthier diets without forgoing convenience, the recipe management system provides franchisees with peace of mind that Smoothie King recipes cannot be accurately replicated.

When an order is placed, the recipe provided to the employee making the smoothie is detailed and coded, yet easy for Smoothie King team members to understand. However, should someone unfamiliar with how to make Smoothie King’s blends read the list of ingredients and amounts, they would not be able to make the blend to Smoothie King standards.

The ease and efficiency of systems provided by Smoothie King, such as the recipe management combined with the POS, frees up franchisees to focus on other areas of running their business. It also allows Smoothie King to compete more aggressively in the fast-growing smoothie industry.

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