How Our Upgraded POS System is Impacting Unit-Level Performance

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Since Smoothie King’s point-of-sale (POS) system was upgraded in March 2019, many stores have experienced varying levels of sales improvement. Some stores utilizing the inventory management application that is part of the upgraded POS system to its fullest capabilities are seeing between 2 to 4 percent improvement in profitability.

The upgraded POS system has potentially positive effects on unit-level performance because it improves both the guest and franchisee experiences.

Customization and Convenience Score Big with Guests

Providing the best possible guest experience is vital for businesses to compete and, ultimately, remain open. If the guest experience is stellar, then the franchisee experience can be more rewarding.

Our improved POS system provides increased order accuracy to give each guest the smoothie they ordered, exactly the way they like it, because it is tied into our recipe management engine (RME). The RME responds by immediately changing the smoothie recipe to accommodate the order.

We can send detailed orders, including modifications for customization, down the line to the team member making the smoothie, for a more streamlined process. We also enhanced our POS system to accommodate conversational ordering, meaning the team member can enter the guest’s order exactly the way the guest communicates it, and they will be served the smoothie they want. For example, if a guest orders a blend with bananas, peanut butter, dates, nonfat milk and a protein enhancer – naming the ingredients in any order combination – they will get their desired Peanut Power Plus smoothie.

This translates into greater convenience for each guest as the smoothie-making process is more efficient – no matter how much our blends are modified.

Team members can recall orders quickly if, for example, the guest changes their mind for any reason. Guests feel better informed at Smoothie King stores because team members can relay to them which ingredients go into each smoothie blend.

The POS system also tracks orders and assists with suggestive selling. It’s a tool to make sure guests get what they want from our retail products and in their smoothies.

Our updated POS system will also make the implementation of online ordering, which we plan on rolling out in 2020. Guests will be able to order smoothies online, complete with customization, walk into a designated section of the store, grab their order, and go.

With demand for convenience and customization ever-present across all restaurant categories, it was necessary for Smoothie King to upgrade our POS system. By continuing to meet consumer demand with upgraded systems, we not only keep our guests returning to our franchise locations but we convert first-time visitors into regulars.

The upgraded POS system has more direct benefits for franchise owners, too, though.

Sales and Profits Highlight the Franchisee Experience

One of the biggest improvements to our POS system is that it now ties into our inventory management system.

The integrated system automatically tallies what’s pulled out of inventory with each order and allows us to make sure inventory matches and balances. It provides tighter control and a better view of how we’re using ingredients and where we can cut waste. When utilized to its fullest ability, franchisees can experience a 2 to 4 percent profit increase.

Franchisees also have better insight into sales numbers across all day parts, transaction details, check averages and more. The upgraded POS system also allows franchise owners to see the order types and the amount of each at their store, whether it’s call-in, walk-in or drive-thru. It also validates when the store opens and closes. It helps boost accountability for team members as it tracks each person’s actions, such as when they check in and clock out.

A Win-Win for Guests and Franchisees

Since we completed upgrading the POS system in March 2019, the enhanced customization abilities and increased convenience have improved sales and profitability. The current technology also allows us to make more improvements in the future, such as online ordering, which is another benefit to the franchisees, their stores and guests.

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