Giving Back to Front-Line Heroes in Local Communities

A group of people wearing masks and gloves at a hospital receives a generous smoothie donation from Smoothie King.

The safety and health of our guests, Smoothie King franchisees and their employees, and community members are of the utmost importance. Our entire business model is founded on a mission and vision that seek to uplift individuals and their communities by helping them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Now more than ever, we are focused on making good on our brand promise – and that begins by making sure those on the frontlines in the COVID-19 crisis have access to nutritious products that will help them get through their days.

Recognizing Those Who Keep Us Safe

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread and has affected people in different ways. Some have lost their livelihoods or have been furloughed, while others are working from home on an extended basis and helping their children get through virtual classwork.

Regardless of their circumstances, everyone is working to make sure their loved ones and neighbors stay healthy, and that can’t be accomplished without the arduous work of the nurses, doctors, police and fire departments across the country. They have faced long hours, the stress of potentially spreading the virus to their loved ones, and seeing and experiencing the pressure and grief of witnessing families seeing family members falling ill.

We understand that many times these essential workers have no idea when they may get a break to eat or drink, so we wanted to be there to provide them the right fuel to keep them going during long and strenuous days.

These men and women are on the frontlines day in and day out and are responsible for keeping our communities safe; they’re the true heroes of this story. On April 22nd, we announced our mission to donate $1,000,0000 in smoothies to the heroes in our communities.

Since then, Smoothie King franchisees and their team members have been blending up thousands of healthy, meal-replacement smoothies to essential workplaces like testing centers, hospitals, fire and police stations. Each of these workplaces relies on selfless and compassionate employees to show up ready to help at the risk of their health and safety.

In less than two months, we were able to achieve our goal, and we will continue to support our guests’ health and wellness in communities across the country.

Incentivizing Guests to Give Back

One million dollars-worth of smoothies donated is a way for us to show our gratitude for essential workers in communities across the country, but we wanted to take it a step further.

We’ve also given Smoothie King guests the chance to show their sincere appreciation for these men and women. Guests can buy a 20-oz smoothie for $6 for essential workers and the local Smoothie King will safely deliver it to them.

Whatever happens, Smoothie King is here to help local community members Rule the Day.

Thank you to each of our franchisees for helping to carry the banner and upholding our company’s values.

Thank you to all of our guests for their loyal support throughout such an uncertain time.

Thank you to every front-line worker for the work you’re doing to help ensure the health and safety of your communities.

We see you, and we are inspired by your selfless services.

For as much pain and suffering this pandemic has brought about for countless families and individuals, we are also heartened by the outpouring of support and solidarity in helping communities stay healthy and active.

If you’re looking for a way to become a steward of your community and inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle, you have the opportunity as a Smoothie King franchisee. Learn more about what business ownership looks like with our award-winning brand by downloading our franchise kit here.


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