How Are Today’s Consumers Defining Health and Wellness?

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With 2020 officially over, we are looking ahead at what’s in store for health and wellness trends in the new year. Now more than ever, consumers understand the benefits of – and are committing to – lifestyles that actively promote healthy choices.

Smoothie King franchisees are well-prepared and perfectly equipped to help both new and existing guests Rule The Day® in 2021 – no matter what health challenges are presented this year.

Here are some ways consumers are defining health and wellness today and how Smoothie King fits seamlessly into the conversation.

Aligning Individual Needs with Personalized Nutrition

As we moved through the pandemic, consumers began to recognize the importance of listening to their body and tailoring their food choices accordingly. In fact, heading into 2021, many consumers are seeking out personalized nutrition solutions that focus on their unique needs, like heart health or diabetes prevention.

Through our Clean Blends™ promise, Smoothie King has made it a top priority to blend delicious-yet-nutritious smoothies that align with every one of our guests’ healthy and active lifestyles. We’re able to achieve this level of personalization by incorporating more organic vegetables and whole fruits into every purpose blend and tailoring our menu to fit specific health needs – fitness, slim, wellness or break time. We also offer a wide variety of enhancers that can be added to any blend, giving guests even more of an opportunity to customize our smoothies to their individual diets.

No matter what their goals are, our guests understand and appreciate the high level of personalization our menu offers. In turn, we’re able to better align with their needs and inspire healthier, more active lifestyles.

Immunity is Key

Consumers are also focusing more on the nutritional benefits of their food choices. Specifically, today’s consumers are looking to boost their immune systems with foods high in vitamins A, C and D and zinc.

At Smoothie King, we have long emphasized the benefits of a healthy immune system and have a number of blends on our menu designed to support and boost immunity, like our lineup of Immune Builder smoothies.

However, we also understand these flavors or the purpose of these blends may not fit perfectly with each guest. That’s why we also offer an Immune Support Enhancer – a nutritional enhancer made with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – that can be added to any blend on our menu.

While proper immune health has certainly come to the forefront in 2020, it was and will continue to be a focus for us for years to come.

Making Health and Wellness Accessible and Affordable

Because of the new realities COVID-19 presented, many consumers now have to balance maintaining a healthy lifestyle while also: working from home; managing e-learning for their children; dealing with wide-spread gym closures and restrictions; and more. Additionally, while 59 percent of people claim to be more focused on health and wellness since the start of the pandemic, many are still struggling to find time to prioritize their physical and nutritional health.

With those challenges in mind, Smoothie King partnered with the health and fitness company Daily Burn to ensure each Healthy Rewards member has convenient and affordable access to high-quality fitness programs. The partnership offers our loyalty members a free, 60-day subscription to Daily Burn’s library of nutrition programs and access to 1,000 workouts, including the partnership-exclusive “Wednesday Workouts” running from January 3 to February 24, 2021. These custom workouts were created to go hand-in-hand with specific, purpose-driven smoothies on our menu – providing the perfect workout and recovery combo that maximizes efforts and results.

Along with strategic partnerships, we are also continuing to make it easier than ever to receive healthy, on-the-go meal options. Since being implemented at the start of the pandemic, our online ordering systems and curbside pickup services have added an extra layer of convenience and safety to fueling our guests’ healthy and active lifestyles. Our partnership with DoorDash has also allowed guests to enjoy nutritious, meal-replacement smoothie blends without leaving the comfort of their home.

No matter how today’s consumers define health and wellness, Smoothie King will be here to effectively support each of our guests’ healthy lifestyles – in 2021 and beyond.

Looking to help your community get a jumpstart on a healthy and active lifestyle in 2021? Get started by downloading the Smoothie King franchise kit today!


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