3 Reasons to Align Yourself with a Smoothie Franchise with Four Decades of Brand Equity

Delight customers by owning a smoothie shop with wholesome choices.

With our four decades of brand equity, Smoothie King franchisees can benefit from the power of our well-known brand, our business model and our exceptional training and support:

1. Established Brand Equity and National Brand Recognition

One of the most significant benefits of partnering with a mature smoothie franchise brand is the company’s existing brand equity and brand awareness. As a 46-year-old brand, consumers in many markets across the U.S. generally know who we are and what we do, and many in areas where we have an established footprint already have a connection with our brand.

For new independent businesses, marketing and brand awareness can pose a huge hurdle. But by joining a franchise brand that’s been around for decades, franchisees can gain built-in brand recognition and customer loyalty. Our franchisees’ loyal guests have confidence in their store and brand before they even open their doors.

In addition to an established brand awareness, our franchisees also benefit from our national advertising campaigns. National campaigns – such as our partnership with Drew Brees and our Rule the Day campaign – help build brand recognition and drive guests to franchise locations. Smoothie King franchisees also gain from our corporate sponsorship of Smoothie King Center, which helps keep our brand in the spotlight for sporting and entertainment events.

2. A Model That’s Been Proven with More Than 1,000 Locations

At Smoothie King, we have improved our operations over the years to ensure a clean, streamlined concept that makes it easy to efficiently serve delicious, nutritious smoothies and manage your business.

For example, our blenders were carefully selected to optimize operations for our franchisees, and our newly updated POS system integrates with our recipe management engine, which can help team members cut down on errors and minimize waste. We’ve had 46 years to grow the smoothie bar franchise, and even as we hit out 1,000th store, we strive to continuously improve so our brand.

Unparalleled Training and Support, Backed by Years of Experience

At Smoothie King, we offer our franchisees complete training and support built on years of industry knowledge and expertise. Our training program includes three phases:

  • Phase one: a one-day introductory orientation session that introduces franchisees to the Smoothie King System
  • Phase two: an 11-day management training program that takes place at the Smoothie King training center in Dallas, Texas
  • Phase three: 5-day in-store training for you and your team before your grand opening

In addition to our comprehensive pre-opening training, our franchisees also receive ongoing support – our knowledgeable support team is available any time to help franchisees with any challenges that arise in their business.

Are you interested in a franchise opportunity with a smoothie franchise with more than 46 years of brand equity? Learn more about franchising with Smoothie King by downloading our franchise kit today.


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