Smoothie King to Become Big Brand on Campus

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People everywhere reminisce upon college fondly. A better-for-you snack option on a college campus has the potential to create valuable habits of early adulthood.

Smoothie King’s new on-campus initiative is in the beginning stages of creating a beneficial system for existing and new franchisees. The core purpose of the program includes increasing brand awareness on college campuses around the country—introducing Smoothie King to a whole new generation of guests.

The Guests of Tomorrow Are on College Campuses Today

Students and school administration of this generation are conscious of their wellbeing. According to Business Insider, millennials are more interested in eating healthy and exercising compared to other generations. One of Smoothie King’s business consultants, Jim Gregory, believes Smoothie King is a strong solution to answer the demand among students and staff for a nutritious option for a meal replacement or a snack.

“Smoothie King’s Smoothies With A Purpose® campaign is the perfect way to promote the brand to this generation,” Gregory explained.

Smoothie King provides a new standard in the quick-service restaurant industry compared to other options available around college campuses. The menu allows guests to personalize their food according to their nutritional goals with numerous ingredients. Guests can choose from Slim Blends, Wellness Blends, Fitness Blends, and Take a Break Blends.

Students who live on campus will be able to benefit from the options of using their meal plan points to purchase smoothies as an alternative to campus dining. With the opportunity to include Smoothie King in their diets, students can choose convenient, better-for-you options throughout their busy days.

Smoothie King on Campuses Creates Brand Loyalty

College leaves a lasting impression on students. Campuses with a Smoothie King can provide a positive memory of the brand for students and administration alike. The exposure of a Smoothie King in a student union or recreational center will be memorable as a convenient, delicious and nutritious option. These fond memories of a Smoothie King during college years provide a reason to stay loyal to the brand wherever life takes them after graduation.

Building a connection during these fundamental years of adulthood can even be a reason for customers to join into the franchising business themselves. Franchisee Sean Cangelosi opened a Smoothie King location around the campus at Louisiana State University and realized the benefits of opening one on campus, which itself has been very successful.

“I thought there would definitely be a lot of demand for a concept like ours if we were just able to open up inside the school. I knew I would have loved something like that when I was in college, so I wanted to make it happen,” Cangelosi explained.

Students today will have similar memories blended with their campus’ Smoothie King just as Cangelosi considered his alma mater years down the line.

The Purpose of Smoothies on Campus

Becoming a meaningful smoothie bar in higher education can be helpful to current and future investors who believe in Smoothie King’s vision and purpose. Smoothie King has an opportunity to create a long-term and positive impression on guests’ minds by breaking through to college campuses.

If you are interested in learning more about Smoothie King’s advances in achieving brand leadership, view our website or download our franchising kit.


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