Smoothie King Satisfies Better-for-You Product Demand in Caribbean

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Wise investments are often about being in the right place at the right time.

When husband and wife entrepreneurs Naveed Mohammed and Renee Peterson – operators of seven Cinnabon and four Auntie Anne’s stores in Trinidad and Tobago – decided to expand their portfolio, Smoothie King fit just the niche they were seeking.

Not only did Mohammed have a personal connection to Smoothie King, but he and his wife both felt a passion for the brand culture, philosophy and its “Smoothies With A Purpose®” mentality. They wanted to share Smoothie King with their country. As it turns out, their timing was perfect.

While successful in their business endeavors, the pair had noticed the country’s interests shifting from foods high in calories and fat content to those considered “better for you.” Armed with this knowledge, Mohammed and Peterson decided to diversify their multi-unit, multi-brand portfolio to reflect this growing trend, signing a multi-unit deal to open four locations in Trinidad and Tobago.

The twin-island country, located in the Caribbean, is one of many nations to recently embrace a longstanding goal of making efforts to improve the health of its citizens. Trinidad and Tobago’s first Smoothie King will be a welcome addition to a market that lacks a large variety of better-for-you eating options. Smoothie King offers customers a unique, customizable product that many island residents aren’t accustomed to seeing from American franchise concepts in the area. By satisfying the demand for convenient, better-for-you smoothies, the brand has set itself up for success by giving citizens an opportunity to make better decisions about what they put into their bodies.

Filling Cups with Goodness Worldwide

The Trinidad and Tobago deal is one of many that Smoothie King is signing as part of a mission to provide Smoothies with a Purpose internationally. As preferences shift toward more health-focused diets and lifestyles around the world, so has demand for nutritious and affordable meal options. Fitting in with Smoothie King’s purpose to provide balanced, nutritious smoothies worldwide, last year Smoothie King broadened its international reach after announcing plans to open locations in previously untapped markets such as the Middle East and Vietnam.

The long-standing smoothie brand is hard at work introducing nutrition-conscious products to as many new markets as possible and is well on its way to reaching 1000 franchise locations internationally by the end of 2017. As of 2016, Smoothie King franchisees have opened locations in the United States, Korea, Grand Cayman, and Dubai, and the brand has future plans for development in Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, and the Philippines.

Smoothie King: A Concept Like No Other

Smoothie King’s purpose is to offer the world a better and mindful alternative to the many unhealthy options out there. Franchisees can help bring bridge the nutrition gap by inspiring those that live in your area to live a healthy and active lifestyle, no matter where you are.

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