Smoothie King Franchisee Ditches Corporate Life to Find Purpose

A coffee shop owner leaves corporate life for purpose.

In addition to financial considerations, franchisees look for an organization they can be proud to join. The culture created at Smoothie King continues to be among the strongest motivators for potential franchisees.

The brand’s continued success is in large part due to a franchise system made up of ambassadors who truly believe in what the brand stands for. To deliver on its promise and create a purpose-driven atmosphere, each Smoothie King franchisee must be a true cultural fit.

A great example is New Jersey-based franchisee Heidi Law.

Leaving Behind a Stressful Corporate Culture 

Before joining Smoothie King, Heidi Law worked in the catastrophe management department of an insurance company for 17 years. She felt fulfilled and happy – at first. The organization was large but tight-knit, and she was able to bond with the people working alongside her and form a family culture.

“Even though I didn’t receive the most exorbitant salary, I looked forward to work every day because of the people around me,” Heidi said. “My co-workers were among some of my best friends and they made the entire experience fun and completely worthwhile.”

Heidi’s company was then bought out by another insurance company, one with a noticeably different set of cultural values. Heidi saw firsthand how the new leadership no longer put employee wellbeing first, and the atmosphere became stress-inducing. Her longtime friends began leaving in droves, and those who chose to stay were over-worked.

“When I think about my previous employer, I think of the incredibly negative environment they created for their staff,” Heidi said. “My co-workers became overweight and generally unhealthy due to the unrealistic, incredibly stressful expectations put on them. The culture was not good and was my biggest motivator to pursue something else.”

Heidi began thinking about her choices and goals she wanted to accomplish. She quickly realized staying stationary was not an option.

Finding the Right Fit as a Smoothie King Franchisee

It was time for the next chapter in her life to begin. Heidi knew she wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to be involved in her community. Chatting with a local Smoothie King franchisee piqued her interest. Heidi began doing due diligence by reaching out to other nearby owners. She saw the organizational culture as a welcome change.

“After learning more about Smoothie King, I became extremely impressed with its mission,” Heidi said. “It was nice to see people encouraged to live a healthy and active lifestyle for a change. Also, the comradery among franchisees reminded me of the family culture I longed to be a part of.”

If you are looking to make a positive change in your life and in your community, consider joining a company culture that fits for your values. Learn more about Heidi’s story and other Smoothie King franchisees by downloading our latest eBook.


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