How Additional Revenue Streams Can Contribute to Your Success as a Smoothie Franchise Owner

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For every guest, Smoothie King maintains a singular focus on crafting Smoothies With A Purpose®.

Our core product, which can help simplify operations, is customizable to meet our guests’ needs. There is a range of opportunities available to smoothie franchise owners to use our core product as a vehicle to generate revenue through multiple channels.

Using the In-Store Experience and Community Events to Diversify Revenue

Two supplementary revenue streams can be catering and in-store retail:

Getting Out into the Community

Catering can help franchisees make a name for themselves in their community, build brand awareness and generate guest loyalty.

“By going to local events in the community, you can reach more people,” said Ruth Picha, vice president of field marketing. “You make a difference in more fitness journeys.”

Franchisees can coordinate with local organizations, including schools, gyms, other businesses, conventions and community event organizers, to build relationships, Ruth explained. From teacher appreciation days to supporting local 5K runs, smoothies are the perfect product to build a footprint in the local market.

A consistent presence in the community gives franchisees an opportunity to educate guests about the brand, and can cement brand recognition and loyalty.

Franchisees can also use retail to make Smoothie King a one-stop-shop for their guests.

Keeping Guests Engaged In Stores

As with the opening of the original Smoothie King, retail can help franchise owners generate additional revenue. These products include nutritional supplements and snacks, gift cards and Smoothie King merchandise. The items can bolster franchisees’ top-line sales and help them provide guests with a convenient in-store experience.

The nutritional supplements also give guests the chance to use Smoothie King products at home in their own blends. And with online videos that show Smoothie King fans how to blend their favorite smoothies at home, franchisees may be able to extend the brand experience from a retail context to guests’ homes, which can help solidify brand affinity.

“We’re more than just smoothies, we’re really selling the mission, vision and purpose,” Ruth said. “It’s all possible through the smoothies, snacks and supplements. We believe in that purpose of making a difference in the community.”

Keeping Purpose in Perspective

Investing in additional revenue streams helps franchisees spread Smoothie King’s mission and vision, while also potentially adding to their top-line sales.


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