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How 20 Years with Smoothie King Shaped this Multi-Unit Smoothie Franchise Owner

Success Stories

For Eric Grush, becoming a multi-unit smoothie franchise owner was the result of a lifelong involvement with Smoothie King. His dad opened his Smoothie King location in 1995, and Eric began working there in 1998 starting out as a team member. He continued to do so throughout high school and college, learning the ins and […]

Smoothie King Franchise Owner Overcomes First-Year Challenges through Strategic Marketing and HR Initiatives

Success Stories

When your team has your guests’ best interests at heart, you can increase the chances of your Smoothie King store being successful. Caring for your guests starts at the franchise owner level, and it’s incumbent upon the franchisee to hire the right people who buy into the brand vision: to be an integral part of […]

Why Smoothie King was the Perfect Fit for this Former Gym Franchisee

Success Stories

It was a Gladiator blend that ignited Tony Ruble’s interest in opening multiple Smoothie King stores in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area. Eight years ago, he and his son walked into the then-new smoothie bar across from the soccer field where his son played for the first time. “I tried a Gladiator blend, and I’ve […]

3 Lessons Learned in My First Year as a Smoothie King Franchisee

Success Stories

Smoothie King franchisee Brian Ziegler thrives on embracing challenges. Although he has run a successful civil engineering firm for years, Brian was ready for more – so, he invested in a Smoothie King franchise. Since opening his Smoothie King in Marion, Illinois, Brian has now run his two businesses simultaneously for the past year. Here […]

How this Vietnam Era Veteran Applies his Experience to Opening Successful Franchises

Success Stories

As a captain in the U.S. Army between 1969 and 1972, Bill Colaianni was responsible for a variety of duties. Captains are mid-level officers who command, support and disseminate orders to companies of hundreds of soldiers, among other responsibilities. This experience was the catalyst for Bill’s achievements in corporate America and led to his success […]

Image Describing Smoothie King Franchise Kit

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