What a High FRANdata FUND Score Means for Our Smoothie Franchise

Discover healthy and flavorful options at the juice bar franchise.

As we head toward our 2022 goals, we’re still celebrating coming out of a record-breaking 2021 and anticipating another successful year. Not only did we exceed sales goals last year, but we also signed 196 store commitments with new and existing franchisees.

One of the reasons so many entrepreneurs are looking to open a Smoothie King franchise is our high FRANdata FUND score– which is a vital ranking that measures how secure a franchisee’s investment is with a franchise.

What is a FRANdata FUND Score?

A FRANdata FUND score evaluates the performance history to predict its future. It is similar to a credit score for individuals and serves as a guide for investors.

Generally speaking, the better a franchises’ FRANdata FUND Score is, the more secure your investment will be. The top possible FRANdata FUND score is 950, with scores of 550 or below being high-risk investments and scores above 750 representing the safest investment opportunities.

With last year’s sales increase of 16.5% year over year and an Average Unit Volume of more than $800,000 throughout our top 25% of locations, our FRANdata FUND score of 855 comes as no surprise.

A Score Backed By Happy Franchisees

Our franchisees have witnessed first-hand how investing in a Smoothie King franchise can pay off. In fact, many franchisees are so pleased with their return on investment and the Smoothie King franchise model that they become multi-unit owners.

In 2021, 63% of all our new agreements came from existing owners who wanted to continue to grow their portfolios with Smoothie King.

One of the reasons their investment is so secure is because of our multiple revenue streams. These days, convenience is king. Investing in technology such as our Healthy Rewards mobile app has allowed customers to order for pickup or delivery with just a few clicks on their smartphone. Throughout 2022, we plan to add to our tech-fueled convenience with voice ordering through Amazon Alexa and Sirius XM radio.

Between the growing desire to be healthy and more people relying on plant-based foods and beverages, franchisees can look forward to even more sales growth in the coming years. Plus, with lower investment opportunities like non-traditional locations, new investors can learn all there is to know about running a smoothie franchise with a high ROI before continuing to grow their portfolio (and profits) with traditional locations.

Our franchisees have seen success in opening non-traditional locations in places like college campuses. These models are favorable to aspiring entrepreneurs because they require less space and employees to run, making managing them even more streamlined, saving money and providing some serious potential.

What You Can Expect When Investing in the Smoothie King Franchise

In addition to the strong investment opportunity and growth potential, Smoothie King has a corporate team that genuinely cares. We go the extra mile to support our franchisees in all areas of business– from buildout to marketing, recruiting, hiring, training, technology and more.

From getting involved in the community to helping our valued guests Rule the Day®, our franchisees truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Are you looking for a franchise where you can be confident in your investment and entrepreneurial future? Contact us today to learn more about Smoothie King franchise opportunities.


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