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Meal Replacement

Smoothie Franchise Opportunities: What Makes a Smoothie a Meal Replacement?

Smoothie King is staying ahead of the smoothie business competition by continuously evolving its menu to meet guests’ needs and...
Discover healthy and flavorful options at the juice bar franchise.

What a High FRANdata FUND Score Means for Our Smoothie Franchise

As we head toward our 2022 goals, we’re still celebrating coming out of a record-breaking 2021 and anticipating another successful...
A woman savoring a smoothie on a yoga mat embodies the connection between smoothies and the health and wellness industry.

How Smoothies Have Become an Integral Part of the Health and Wellness Industry

These days there’s a smoothie for just about every occasion, mood, health goal, or lifestyle. You can find a smoothie...

The Mission Behind These Multi-Unit Franchisees’ Success

At Smoothie King, our mission is at the core of everything we do as a brand. Like many of our...
Smoothie King franchisees, pandemic support.

How We’ve Supported Franchisees through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since mid-March, the entire world has been on pause, impacting the success of franchisees, business owners and their employees....


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