How Smoothies Have Become an Integral Part of the Health and Wellness Industry

A woman savoring a smoothie on a yoga mat embodies the connection between smoothies and the health and wellness industry.

These days there’s a smoothie for just about every occasion, mood, health goal, or lifestyle. You can find a smoothie shop nearly anywhere close to health or fitness-focused businesses– whether it’s a gym, health food store, or healthy restaurant. Smoothies have surpassed so many health and wellness fads peddled by influencers and celebrities, and they continue to defy expectations.

Smoothies aren’t just a fad. They’re not like the fit teas, diet pills, or countless other so-called “healthy” foods and supplements. According to Eat This, Not That, a good smoothie recipe has countless benefits. For example, smoothies with blueberries can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, and smoothies with spices like ginger can speed up your metabolism, while bananas can help lower blood pressure.

Created in 1973 by the founder of Smoothie King, Steve Kuhnau, this versatile health food has set itself apart from the rest since the very beginning–and for that reason, all signs point to the smoothie’s enduring status in the health and wellness industry.

Smoothies Were Created with Health and Wellness in Mind

Smoothie King was the first smoothie franchise in existence and has evolved into a brand inspiring people to live healthy and active lifestyles via nutritious, great-tasting smoothies. For many years, smoothies were viewed as a step above a regular snack. It might be tempting to agree with that sentiment if you think it’s just another flash in the pan– however, smoothies have stuck around because they’re the real deal.

Smoothies are a great way to get crucial nutrients in your diet that you may otherwise lack. Mineral-rich greens, in particular, complement a variety of smoothie recipes, which is a boon for the 91 percent of Americans that miss out on eating the recommended amount of vegetables.

Smoothies are also an excellent vehicle for protein powders and supplements, like multivitamins, probiotics, and even collagen. Many people consume smoothies as a meal replacement, and when you add the right ingredients, smoothies are a satisfying alternative when you’re on the go. Smoothies’ staying power can be attributed to the fact that they are good for you and filling, as much as they are delicious.

More quick-service restaurants have been attempting to capitalize on the fervor behind this nutritious drink. Still, none have come close to comparing to Smoothie King’s rock-solid reputation in the health and wellness space. We don’t just view the smoothie as a sweet drink of blended fruit and water– we want our smoothies to improve and supplement the lives of our guests, just as much as it satisfies their cravings.

The Smoothie Industry is Growing, with No Signs of Slowing Down

Research and Markets valued the smoothies market at roughly $14 billion internationally– and that value will only increase over the next five years. Consumers are more health-conscious than ever, and they’ve been steadily pivoting away from fast-food chains when searching for a quick, convenient meal that’s as healthy as it is satisfying and tasty.

Smoothie King has made the smoothie what it is today by adhering to a menu of delicious blends that are healthy and free of unnecessary chemicals. We even keep a No-No List close at hand to show our franchise partners and their guests that we’re committed to keeping our blends healthy.

You Help Redefine Wellness When You Join Our Movement

As the #1 ranked health and fitness Smoothie brand with over 1,300 stores, our numbers speak for themselves. We encourage and support our franchisees in learning more about the health and wellness industry because it’s an essential aspect of our success. Our smoothie was here in the very beginning, and it’ll be here for years to come. When entrepreneurs franchise with us, they see firsthand that we take our claims seriously. To us, this isn’t just a business, it’s a lifestyle.

If you want a business in the smoothie industry, Smoothie King is ahead of the pack, as a franchise that’s defined the smoothie and is taking wellness into the future.

Are you passionate about health and wellness too? Click here to learn about becoming a Smoothie King franchise owner.


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