Smoothie franchise store front

How Smoothie King’s Success in 2021 Is Forecasting Future Growth

The pandemic created a more health conscious consumer, with 59% of people claiming to be more focused on health and...
A woman savoring a smoothie on a yoga mat embodies the connection between smoothies and the health and wellness industry.

How Smoothies Have Become an Integral Part of the Health and Wellness Industry

These days there’s a smoothie for just about every occasion, mood, health goal, or lifestyle. You can find a smoothie...
A building in the Northeast with a grassy front.

Why We’re Targeting the Northeast to Expand the Smoothie King Franchise Footprint

Focusing the growth of our smoothie franchise system in the northeast region of the United States is part of our...
Smoothie king in Houston, Texas incorporates The Living Brand concept to thrive in the market.

What Are the Key Growth Markets for Smoothie King in 2019? Although...
Start your business: Smoothie franchise for sale.

What’s Driving the Franchise Industry’s Move toward Multi-Unit Ownership?

As a record number of franchisees look to expand their portfolios, they’re proving that when it comes to franchise ownership,...
Smoothie franchise store front

We Reached Our Goal of 1,000 Smoothie King Stores – Now What?

We opened our 1,000th Smoothie King store in Richardson, Texas, on August 23, 2018. While many other brands may become complacent...
Two pictures of a restaurant with people in front of it, representing a historic milestone.

1,000 Smoothie King Locations: A Historic Milestone in Perspective

No matter how large Smoothie King grows, we’re never too big to forget our commitment to the local community or...
Smoothie franchise store front

Why Now is the Right Time for Smoothie King to Move Headquarters

When a company is 45 years old, its evolution can be divided into versions: Smoothie King 1.0 existed between 1973, when Steve...
A series of pictures showcasing Smoothie King store items.

Smoothie King Finds the Sweet Spot for Brand Growth

Some restaurant franchises have sizable market share and widespread brand recognition. Others boast fast expansion and strong...
In-store smoothie-making woman pictures.

Smoothie King Expands at Record-Setting Pace in 2017, Sets Course for 2018

Having experienced a record-breaking year of franchise growth in 2017, Smoothie King is charging into 2018 energized for continued...


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