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Why We Create Smoothies with Our Guests’ Purpose in Mind

Ingredients for SuccessSetting the Trends

Smoothies are among the fastest-growing segments in the beverages market. Experiencing an 80 percent increase in consumption in just five years, smoothies have quickly become a major component of consumers’ diets within developing and emerging markets alike. And, as more consumers use protein and fiber-rich beverages as an efficient means to get essential nutrients – […]

What Are Some of the Top Fitness and Wellness Trends in 2019?

Ingredients for SuccessSetting the Trends

Today’s consumers are more health-conscious than ever before. However, their wellness priorities don’t begin and end with weight loss. Many consumers’ overall fitness and wellness goals require much more than quick fixes and crash diets that used to dominate the market. Instead, as more people focus on nutrition, fitness, work-related stress and the environment, their […]

What’s Driving the Franchise Industry’s Move toward Multi-Unit Ownership?

MomentumSetting the Trends

As a record number of franchisees look to expand their portfolios, they’re proving that when it comes to franchise ownership, there’s often power in numbers. Multi-unit owners control more than half of the 400,000 franchises in the United States – an ownership figure that continues to climb each year. Many franchisees are finding that the […]

Why Consumers are Leading the Charge for Cleaner Restaurant Franchises

Ingredients for SuccessSetting the Trends

With varying tastes and diets around the world, “healthy eating” can look different to everyone. Still, one thing resonates globally – the call for cleaner ingredients and greater food transparency. Three-fourths of the world’s consumers say they’re concerned about the long-term health impact of artificial ingredients. And, when it comes to cleaner eating, consumers are […]

How Smoothie King Is Prepared for the Next Generation of Consumers

How Smoothie King Is Prepared for the Next Generation of Consumers

Ingredients for SuccessSetting the Trends

After catering to millennials for so long, the question many franchise concepts are struggling with now is, “How do we get ready for Generation Z?” This is especially pressing, but not unfamiliar territory, in the food service and restaurant segments because each generation’s palate changes. But, smoothie concepts, such as Smoothie King, are in a […]

Image Describing Smoothie King Franchise Kit

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