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A man in a red shirt enjoying a smoothie.

5 Ways Our Franchisees Are Preparing for a Strong 2022

After our double-digit sales growth in 2021, our franchisees are gearing up for an equally as strong 2022. With improved unit...
Exploring the investment requirements for a juice bar franchise.

Smoothie King Launches At-Home Smoothie Subscription, Nourish Daily

Smoothies have become an integral part of the health and wellness industry, as a great way to receive crucial nutrients...
Smoothie king in Houston, Texas incorporates The Living Brand concept to thrive in the market.

Choosing A QSR Franchise: Why Smoothies Dominate

With tons of quick-service restaurant brands in the market, it can be a long process for aspiring entrepreneurs to decide...
A woman enjoying a milkshake on the street.

Smoothie King Is Launching Text Ordering to Increase Franchise Development & Sales

At Smoothie King, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest and greatest technology. After all, it plays such...
A tropical smoothie with mangoes and pineapples on a wooden table.

What’s In Store For The Smoothie Industry in 2022?

Staying healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has become a priority for everyone, but most Americans have agreed that health...
Smoothie king sydney - non-traditional locations

Why Our Smoothie Franchise Was Recognized for Franchisee Satisfaction

After experiencing a record-breaking 2021 , we have high hopes for our smoothie franchise in 2022. In addition to a 16.5%...
Explore the perks of owning a vibrant smoothie shop with us.

Smoothie King Awarded Gold for New Website Design

When it comes to owning and operating a franchise, it’s crucial to ensure you are constantly evolving and adapting to...
Smoothie market, 2021.

How Big is the Smoothie Market in 2021?

Updated April 20, 2021 Smoothie sales are skyrocketing. By 2025, the juice and smoothie industry is expected to grow at a compound...
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Are QSR Franchises a Strong Investment?

Restaurants have strong representation among the top 10 biggest franchises worldwide , and food and beverage concepts have long...
Indulge in the perfect moment with a cup of fruit smoothie from one of the best smoothie franchises

Why We Create Smoothies with Our Guests’ Purpose in Mind

Smoothies are among the fastest-growing segments in the beverages market . Experiencing an 80 percent increase in consumption in...


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