What is Gut Health and Why is It Trending

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As we start the new year, Smoothie King has continued to evolve our menu with better-for-you smoothies that target gut health and improve digestion. Today’s consumer is even more committed to their health and wellness and Smoothie King is continuously evolving our menu to become an integral part of our guest’s health and fitness journey.

According to a 2023 trend report released from Natural Grocers, the ‘gut health and digestive comfort’ category is expected to receive more attention from consumers in 2023. Specifically, Natural Grocers noted that informational sessions on digestive comfort and gut health are the most requested coaching sessions with the company’s nutritional health coaches. Additionally, the company predicts consumers will turn to more foods with prebiotic fibers, probiotic and digestive enzyme supplementation to improve their gut health.

Although the term ‘gut health’ most commonly refers to healthy digestion, there is increased evidence that a healthy gut is also important for our mental health and an effective immune system, according to an article written by Michele Helfgott, MD. More specifically, the gut helps provide a barrier to prevent viruses, fungi and ‘bad’ bacteria from entering the bloodstream. Some studies have also shown that good gut bacteria may have an impact on longevity. All in all, your gut health helps create a foundation for your overall wellbeing and comfort.

Smoothie King is ahead of the gut health trend and just rolled out three gut health smoothies, which include prebiotics, probiotics and fiber. The new additions will meet demand for products that improve gut health, while driving profitability for our franchisees.

Part of Smoothie King’s ‘Be Well Blends,’ the new gut health smoothies feature purposely blended smoothies with vitamins essential to maintaining a healthy body and come in three different flavors: Gut Health Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango, Gut Health Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry and Gut Health Papaya Mango Ginger. Adding these smoothies to our brand’s purpose-driven menu will help impact the bottom line for franchisees, as meeting consumer demand is essential to driving revenue to each store.

Additionally, we’re focused on expanding our menu to meet the individual health and wellness goals of each guest. Everyone is on a different journey and gut health is an important piece to health and wellness for many. Our enhanced focus on digestion will now permit many of Smoothie King’s guests to meet their individual gut health goals with an easy, on-the-go meal option.

To learn more about the new blends, please check out our website at www.smoothieking.com.


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