Behind This Former Salesman’s Big Plans for Smoothie King Franchise Growth

Unlock your business potential with a juice bar franchise.

Most parents won’t find their 13-year-old son reading Napoleon Hill’s classic 1937 self-improvement book, “Think and Grow Rich” in his spare time.

John Clancy’s parents did.

Growing up, John was wired a bit differently. His focus was set on financial success from a young age, and he knew hard work was the only way to achieve it. From a grocery store stock boy to a salesman, John has had numerous jobs that have led him to where he is today.

Now an experienced franchisee and businessman, John’s partial ownership of more than 20 Smoothie Kings should come as no surprise. And his business investment portfolio doesn’t stop there – he also owns 31 fitness franchises.

John has shown his motivation and constant drive for business success his whole life, and we could not be more excited for John and his investment group, SK Midwest, LLC, to help grow the Smoothie King brand and bring the push for healthy and active lifestyles to communities across the country.

Finding His Purpose

When John walked into what would be one of his last job interviews ever with a sales company, he didn’t expect to be told he would never make it as a salesman.

“The crazy thing is that I believed him,” John said. “He was the guy interviewing me, he had a better suit than me and I was broke.”

Determined to prove him wrong, John took a sales position with another company, where he often worked 14-hour days to get ahead and doubled the number of calls he was expected to make every day. Through his daily grind, John worked his way to large profits, putting himself in a perfect position when franchising caught his eye.

John knew sales wasn’t where he truly wanted to be. He had a penchant for real estate and wanted to own a cash-flowing business. That wish came true when John signed on to own his first gym franchise in 2009.

“As a salesman, it was tough for me to really enjoy the things I enjoy today,” John said. “So, getting involved in a cash-flowing business that could supply my lifestyle was key. My life was different. I wasn’t single anymore and just didn’t want the sales lifestyle.”

John found his purpose in franchising – a purpose that became more fulfilling by investing in Smoothie King.

Ambitious Plans for Smoothie King

John and SK Midwest, LLC, have impressive intentions for their Smoothie King franchise ownership.

SK Midwest, LLC, is an investment group made up of John and his business partners. Together, they own numerous Smoothie King locations across the Midwest and Southeast.

Following his interest in real estate, John is in charge of finding, securing and managing the group’s properties. While his ownership is not hands-on in the store, SK Midwest, LLC, has established a strong, respectful and successful framework of group ownership that works for everyone involved.

“In previous businesses, I did not surround myself with the right people,” John said. “With Smoothie King, I have the best business partners. If I could pick among the whole business world, there’s nobody else I’d choose.”

One of John’s career goals is to build a $100 million franchise portfolio, and he believes Smoothie King can help him reach it. Going forward, SK Midwest, LLC, has plans to open 15-20 Smoothie King stores a year.

By providing John and his investment group with the appropriate support they need and an open ear to their ideas, we plan to continue to expand Smoothie King under their ownership.

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