3 Simple Factors Supporting Smoothie Franchise Growth

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Updated July 26, 2021.

As more and more consumers shift gears toward a healthier lifestyle, our brand is expected to continue to grow. In fact, in Q1 2021 alone, we have already experienced a whopping 18% same-store sales increase and signed agreements to develop 71 more stores.

From lifestyle habits to product demand and operations, there are plenty of reasons why a smoothie franchise is an excellent investment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. The Healthy Eating Trend

Throughout the past few years, consumers have been gearing their habits toward fresh and healthy ingredients. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated this trend. In fact, a recent survey reported that 85% of people have reported focusing more on their eating habits since the pandemic began.

Three out of five consumers said they now pay closer attention to how healthy their food choices are. They also reported making sure they are providing their bodies with the proper nutrients they need, like fiber and plant proteins. There has subsequently been an increase in the demand for healthy alternative snack and meal options.

Since we began implementing our Clean Blends Promise in 2019, we have been able to provide consumers with exactly what they want. Whether they have dietary restrictions, need a boost before their big workout or simply want a delicious smoothie to complete their day, we have a diverse menu that caters to their needs.

Our wide array of options includes smoothies that are gluten-free, contain organic veggies, whole fruits, and no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. We even developed a complete “No-No List” with unhealthy ingredients that won’t be found in any of our blends.

2. The Growing Demand for Smoothies

Because of this shift toward a healthier lifestyle, the global smoothie industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.1 percent and achieve a market valuation of $17 billion. As the world leader in healthy smoothies, our growth shows no signs of slowing down.

Even as businesses around the world had to shut their doors during the pandemic, our sales skyrocketed. This is especially due to our convenient ordering options, like our mobile app, curbside pickup, delivery and drive-thru locations.

Why smoothies? It’s actually quite simple. When people are on the go, smoothies serve as a healthy meal alternative. They are quick, convenient and packed with nutrients in one cup, making for easy transport.

The fact that we don’t simply just “serve smoothies” sticks with our guests and differentiates us from competitors. We serve smoothies with a purpose, focusing our efforts on inspiring a healthy and active lifestyle to help our guests Rule The Day™.

3. Streamlined Operations of a Smoothie Franchise

Finally, our growth is driven by our efficient operations. Our point-of-sale system is not only easy to use but it is designed to reduce errors and maximize guest satisfaction.

Our recipe management engine (RME) is fully integrated with our POS system. This means that when an order is entered into the system, our RME automatically updates the recipe with the customer’s customization, ensuring their smoothie is made just as they like it each time.

Our Smoothie King locations also feature limited equipment. Because we strictly focus on smoothies, all that is really needed are basic appliances, and of course, blenders. We use high-quality blenders for maximum efficiency, and even our blenders focus on clean living, using a container that is 100% BPA-free.

In addition to the efficiency in how we make our smoothies, we are just as efficient when it comes to minimizing waste. As mentioned earlier, our systems help eliminate errors, which can often result in food waste.

What the Future Holds for the Smoothie King Franchise

With the smoothie market’s explosive growth, we are continuing to expand into new markets. We’re continuously adapting our menu and operations to stay ahead of consumer trends.

Looking to get involved with the rapidly expanding smoothie market? Get started by downloading the Smoothie King franchise kit today!


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