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Why This Franchisee Blends a Smoothie at His Stores Every Day

Success Stories

Multi-unit franchisee James Shafer is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get to work. For example, during the winter, when two of his managers were out with the flu, he worked open to close in one of his stores. He helped guests, washed dishes and blended smoothies. “I think it’s important to show […]

Living a Healthy and Active Lifestyle as a Smoothie King Franchisee

Business with a PurposeSuccess Stories

To be a successful small-business owner, you must have a life outside of business. Otherwise, you risk burnout, which not only may affect your health, but your business as well. New franchisees can expect to spend most of their waking hours getting their business up and running. But, after they do, they have to devote […]

Smoothie King Husband and Wife Duo are Best Friends, Business Partners and Travel Addicts

Success Stories

Paul and Holly Alfonso are great business partners. They’re also pretty crazy about each other. “We’re best friends,” Paul said. “It’s easy. We’ve worked together for so long, and we complement each other well. Her personality is strong in certain ways, and mine is strong in other ways.” Together, the pair has launched eight Smoothie […]

Trading in a Baseball Cap for a Smoothie King Crown

Success Stories

When Miami-based Smoothie King owner Fausto Faraldo scans a job applicant’s resume, he isn’t necessarily looking for hard skills or even comparable employment – he’s looking for sports or team-related experience. “Ninety-five percent of the time, those people end up being my best employees,” he said. This philosophy sprung from Fausto’s own background as a […]

How Smoothie King Fits Perfectly Into My Multi-Brand Portfolio

Success Stories

Joanne Hilliard, a family nurse practitioner in San Antonio, Texas, is driven to help people in as many ways as possible. She became a nurse to help people get back on their feet again. She became the owner of two SportClips franchises to help people look better. And when she wanted to help people feel […]

Image Describing Smoothie King Franchise Kit

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