Lessons in Fitness and Business: 3 Former Athletes Who Joined the Smoothie King Team

Juice bar franchise opportunity: Your path to success

At Smoothie King, we strive to become a part of every health and fitness journey. For some, that means a protein-rich smoothie after a workout. For others, it means a nutritious meal replacement on the go. For many of our franchisees, it means a business opportunity that helps them inspire their communities to live healthy and active lifestyles.

Why Read this eBook:

The purpose of this eBook is to showcase three Smoothie King franchisees who thrived in the competitive world of college athletics and took their skills and values from the court or the field and were able to apply them to their careers as business owners.

All three were drawn to the Smoothie King’s franchise opportunity because of our focus on nutrition and fitness. These franchisees’ unique talents have helped fuel our brand’s continued success.

Smoothie King is the perfect franchise opportunity for business owners who want to make a difference in their local communities, enjoy building and leading a strong team and becoming part of everyone’s fitness journey.

In this eBook, We’ll Discuss:

  • How to become a successful Smoothie King franchisee
  • The importance of solid work ethic and teamwork in business
  • The benefits of a franchise that fits into different health and wellness journeys
  • Smoothie King’s purposeful growth

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