3 Tips to Choose the Right Spot for Your Smoothie Bar

3 tips for choosing the perfect location for your smoothie bar.

When you decide to open up a smoothie bar, finding the right location is one of the first and most important steps you’ll take in the journey toward getting your business off the ground.

This process can be daunting for first-time franchisees, especially if they don’t have experience in the restaurant or franchise industry. Site selection support is just one of the numerous benefits of aligning yourself with a franchise brand.

Each Smoothie King format – from freestanding stores to drive-thrus, airports, college campuses and hospitals, food courts, mall kiosks and even gyms – is designed with a purpose to fit opportunities most suitable for franchisees and their markets.

Why Read this eBook?

This guide provides a wealth of information to help prospective Smoothie King franchisees identify the right strategies to locate the best real estate for their smoothie bar. Here’s what we cover in each section:

  1. Researching local markets is the first step in finding the right location for your smoothie bar. The franchisor will likely be doing the necessary demographic and psychographic research to determine whether markets near you have the brand awareness and consumer profile to support successful franchise locations.
  2. You’ve found a market full of people who fit your target demographic. You’re all set on zoning requirements, and you can easily find or build a smoothie bar location that will fulfill your needs while staying compliant with zoning standards. The next step is to make sure potential locations – either new construction sites or second-generation real estate – have high visibility and accessibility.
  3. For on-the-go food options like smoothies, it’s especially important to maximize convenience for your guests since this is one of the main things they’ll be looking for. Some of Smoothie King’s top-performing locations are right next to busy highways, which can be seen and navigated easily by commuters.

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