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The Daily Warrior: Smoothie King Develops a New Blend in Sponsorship of the American Cancer Society

Business with a PurposeIngredients for Success

The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimated more than 1.7 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2018. With the purpose of helping to raise awareness of the many people affected by cancer, Smoothie King developed the Daily Warrior. The Daily Warrior is a Wellness Blend that is a vegan-friendly, nutritious, 660-calorie (20 oz.) meal […]

1,000 Smoothie King Locations: A Historic Milestone in Perspective

Business with a PurposeMomentum

No matter how large Smoothie King grows, we’re never too big to forget our commitment to the local community or to our purpose of inspiring people to live a healthy and active lifestyle and work to achieve their wellness goals. That perspective was clearly reflected on August 23, 2018, when Smoothie King’s 1,000th store opened […]

How Smoothie King Attracted Me with a Better-For-You Franchise Concept

Business with a PurposeIngredients for Success

When Fern Dawkins ordered her first-ever Smoothie King blend 15 years ago, the man behind the counter told her, “This smoothie will change your life.” At the time, Fern had no idea how right he was. She was 19 years old and studying at Emory University in Atlanta, and her dream was law school, not […]

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Why Now is the Right Time for Smoothie King to Move Headquarters

Business with a PurposeIngredients for SuccessMomentum

When a company is 45 years old, its evolution can be divided into versions: Smoothie King 1.0 existed between 1973, when Steve Kuhnau founded the brand in New Orleans, and 2012, when then master franchisee Wan Kim became CEO. From 2013 through 2017, when Smoothie King experienced tremendous growth, rocketing past 900 stores, is Smoothie […]

Living a Healthy and Active Lifestyle as a Smoothie King Franchisee

Business with a PurposeSuccess Stories

To be a successful small-business owner, you must have a life outside of business. Otherwise, you risk burnout, which not only may affect your health, but your business as well. New franchisees can expect to spend most of their waking hours getting their business up and running. But, after they do, they have to devote […]

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