Why Higher Education Is an Investment in the Future for Smoothie Industry Franchise

A group of people standing in front of a Smoothie King franchise.

OnCampus Brands is proud to be working with Smoothie King to help develop the brand in the higher education channel.  Our company takes a targeted, strategic approach to expansion on college campuses. We leverage a database of retail operations at over 600 top schools to focus our clients’ brands on campuses that offer the greatest opportunity.

The Smoothie King brand mission – inspiring people to live a healthy and active lifestyle – aligns perfectly with the goals of many U.S. college campuses. Concepts that successfully integrate into the campus experience can take advantage of college loyalty and convert it into long-term brand equity of their own.

Why Smoothie King is a Great Fit

Young people today are more concerned about the food they put into their bodies than any generation before them. Smoothie King caters directly to these nutrition-sensitive consumers by providing better-for-you food options. And Smoothie King can proudly share the nutritional values of its entire menu.  This transparency combined with the brand’s commitment to begin reducing added sugar creates a powerful brand promise.  A Smoothie King smoothie fits into any college diet, whether it is:

  • A quick snack between classes
  • Protein and other nutrients after a workout 
  • A slimming meal replacement

The brand also appeals to college students with its completely customizable menu. The recent customization trend has hit the QSR sector hard in recent years, with many concepts finally responding to millennials’ demand for control and immediacy. Smoothie King, on the other hand, has been empowering its guests since the brand first opened its doors in the 1970s. Each menu item is made to order and is completely customizable. The brand’s expansive menu is a great fit for a generation that values choice and control when it comes to what they eat.

Our Vision for the Future

We see colleges as brands in and of themselves, brands that acquire life-long loyalty from their students. As an integral part of the college experience, Smoothie King can leverage students’ school loyalty to acquire a meaningful long-term impression. Investing in college campuses is effectively investing in the future of the brand.

While we are still early in this initiative, college administrators’ response has been positive. College food service providers are receptive to working with Smoothie King, and quite a few have acknowledged their students are excited about the product. We believe that Smoothie King can become a meaningful player in the higher education channel.

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