How We Help Smoothie Franchise Owners Rule The Day

A woman ruling the day at the gym while lifting weights and wearing a crown.

We are always looking for new ways to foster and fuel our franchisees’ success in business, while helping guests fuel up to pursue their passions and lead a healthy lifestyle.

With both purposes in mind, we rolled out our Clean Blends™ initiative, along with our latest brand-wide marketing campaign encouraging guests to rule the day with our better-for-you smoothies. By staying ahead of the latest consumer trends, we’re able to offer guests the products they want, while cementing our place on every wellness journey.

And, by communicating our purpose and latest product developments to the right audiences, we’re able to foster the strength of the Smoothie King business opportunity for franchisees.

Why Read this eBook?

This guide provides key insights into our research and development process, as well as our comprehensive marketing support for franchisees. The Clean Blends initiative and subsequent Rule the Day marketing campaign have already driven innovation, growth and success across our system.

Among other insights, this guide brings you inside the journey to perfecting our new Clean Blends menu items – a process that required:

  • 5 years of research
  • 15,000 hours of individual and market testing
  • 150 changes, additions or reformulations to ingredients

From perfecting our product with Clean Blends to rolling out fresh, impactful marketing campaigns like Rule The Day, our agility is an asset for our franchisees. Here are some of the specific questions this eBook answers:

  1. What exactly is the Clean Blends initiative and Rule the Day marketing campaign?
  2. How do these strategic initiatives align with the Smoothie King brand mission?
  3. What goes into the research and development and marketing strategies for new menu items?
  4. How do these brand innovations help foster success for franchisees?
  5. Why is now the right time to launch these initiatives?

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