Health and Wellness 2017: Top 8 Trends Influencing Lifestyles

A woman holding a cup with a Smoothie King logo, showcasing the evolution of the smoothie industry.

Health and wellness trends have a tendency to shift over the course of time. While fads tend to rise and fall quickly, meaningful trends in consumer behavior often develop and evolve over time. In 2017, we’re seeing a number of factors take a front seat in driving food and beverage offerings, including:

  • The growth of non-meat-based proteins
  • More vegan and vegetarian meal options
  • Increased demand for the convergence of convenience and nutrition
  • Greater access to nutrition across a wider variety of socioeconomic groups

Why read this white paper:

The purpose of this whitepaper is to showcase which growing fitness and health trends are gaining momentum this year. We cover both food and lifestyle changes we’ve observed and how Smoothie King fits perfectly into the evolving landscape as a major player in the nutrition and wellness/food and beverage space.

In this white paper, we’ll discuss:

  • Current food and beverage trends
  • Meal replacements/functional refreshments
  • Alternative protein sources
  • Growing demand for convenient and nutritional food options
  • Flexitarianism
  • Realistic and SMART fitness goals

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