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4 Reasons to Expand Your Multi-Unit/Multi-Brand Franchise Portfolio with a Smoothie Franchise

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Multi-unit franchising can be a successful way for individual entrepreneurs and investment groups to facilitate growth and wealth creation. However, a rapidly expanding segment of franchisees are not only multi-unit investors, but multi-brand owners as well – particularly within the restaurant segment. Operators are seeking out ways to diversify their investments to mitigate risk and […]

3 Simple Ways Smoothie King Invests in Our Franchisees

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As a franchisor, we can relate to Smoothie King franchisees. With more than 25 corporate-owned locations, we experience many of the same challenges and victories as our franchisees. The shared experiences help us speak the same language as franchise owners, including unit-level economics. We constantly look at ways to improve profitability and gauge the success […]

The Ins and Outs of a Drive-Thru Smoothie Concept

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Although originally pioneered in the 1930s to expedite bank deposits, drive-thrus have almost become synonymous with modern-day fast food restaurants. And while drive-thrus have been mainstays at quick-serve restaurants for decades, they are now also springing up in nearly every industry – from pharmacies and grocery stores to dry cleaners. By offering the convenient drive-thru […]

How Smoothie King Is Prepared for the Next Generation of Consumers

How Smoothie King Is Prepared for the Next Generation of Consumers

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After catering to millennials for so long, the question many franchise concepts are struggling with now is, “How do we get ready for Generation Z?” This is especially pressing, but not unfamiliar territory, in the food service and restaurant segments because each generation’s palate changes. But, smoothie concepts, such as Smoothie King, are in a […]

3 Ways Simple Operations Keep Smoothie King Franchisees Focused on Purpose

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Concentrating on a core product can help franchisees to simplify operations, which can help promote brand-wide consistency and improve guest service, while also optimizing unit-level efficiency and helping Smoothie King franchisees keep their business running smoothly. Here are three ways our single core product simplifies operations and creates an unparalleled business opportunity for franchisees: 1. […]

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