Serving Deliciousness: Exploring the World of Smoothie Shop Franchises

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Today, more than ever, consumers are prioritizing their well-being. By investing in a smoothie shop franchise with Smoothie King, you are aligning yourself with a brand that is steadily gaining prominence as the rate of more active lifestyles continues to rise.

The popularity of smoothies has reached new heights. In 2022, the US juice and smoothie bar industry was valued at $2.7B. Furthermore, the global smoothie market reached a valuation of $6.6B in 2021 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.3% through 2028. 

As more consumers emphasize their wellness, smoothies remain a popular choice, not only for their nutritional value but equally, if not more, for their convenience.

With nutritious ingredients, versatility to accommodate various dietary needs, and ease of consumption, smoothies have successfully retained their popularity among customers over the years.

We take this a step further by making our smoothies with a purpose by specially crafting and expertly blending them to meet our customers’ specific needs, goals, and ambitions.

Keywords: Success, Multi-Unit Franchisees

Our delicious smoothies make it simple and pleasurable for guests to achieve their individual goals and fuel their active lifestyles without artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. 

We’ve made it our mission to inspire our customers to live an active lifestyle with smoothies that are as flavorful as they are functional. This keeps our owners motivated and our guests coming back for more!

Why You Should Invest in a Smoothie Store Franchise Business

At Smoothie King, we’ve carefully considered all the factors contributing to the enduring appeal of smoothies and translated them into numerous advantages that distinguish our smoothie store franchises. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you start a smoothie shop franchise with us include:

World-Class Support

From the moment you sign your franchise agreement, you’ll have our unwavering support every step of the way. We’ve found this contributes to our success as a leading smoothie franchise brand as well as the success of our franchisees. We’ve aligned our processes, team members, and resources to deliver the education, motivation, and support you need to start and run your store.

Product Development

Our franchise owners never have to worry about running out of delicious ideas: we’re constantly testing and introducing new products to drive traffic and sales to your business. By continually enhancing our menus, we’re able to meet the evolving needs and desires of today’s consumers.

Real Estate & Construction

Over the years, we’ve learned that success starts with a great location. Having a great location is the best investment you can make in your new business, and you can count on our talented team of seasoned real estate professionals to find the most optimal place for your business. 

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When it comes to store design, we’ve developed sophisticated and guest-friendly layouts to focus on intelligent traffic patterns and optimize the customer experience. With fresh and inviting designs, our purpose shines clear through our ability to understand our target audience.

Training & Support

We’re not just the world’s largest smoothie brand and the world’s largest smoothie bowl brand but also the first smoothie franchise in the US. This affords us the knowledge and experience to run a successful smoothie business.

Our comprehensive training, unfolding in four phases, will teach you all things Smoothie King and, along with our ongoing support, help prepare you to overcome any challenges you might face.

Between our large global network and the Smoothie King Corporate Team, you’ll always have someone ready to answer any questions you may have. We’re always there to help you make your business the best!


With decades of experience, our franchise team has a good grasp on how this industry works. We employ resourceful marketing strategies and tactics to keep our regular customers coming back and attract new guests to our stores.

You’ll have recognition as a leader in the smoothie industry with access to a portfolio of effective products, materials, and tools you can use to grow your new business. 


We use refined systems and technology to make business operations simple and easy to master, giving you a competitive advantage. From our POS systems to displays and refrigeration, we’ve refined our franchise practices to near perfection, allowing you to spend more time making valuable connections with your customers and bonding with team members. 

The Keys to Success When Starting a Smoothie and Juice Bar Franchise

Quite possibly, the greatest advantage of starting a smoothie and juice bar franchise with Smoothie King is that we’re a brand with momentum. Our powerful brand strategy and growing market share have afforded us the experience to expand exponentially over the last ten years, and we’re not stopping there.

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Over the past several years, we’ve made strong investments in our executive team, personnel, technology, marketing, and national-reach sponsorships to continue to support our growth. With product development and purchasing, we’ve improved product quality, store operations, and guest experience. 

We’ve established our ever-increasing market share and brand awareness by focusing on benefiting our franchisees.

Smoothie King’s ability to deliver an incredible guest experience with products that are tailored to address our customers’ specific purposes comes from our leadership, culture, and commitment to franchise ownership success. 

It’s a great time to break into the growing smoothie industry with a leading franchisor: join Smoothie King and start a delicious smoothie business of your own!

Contact us today to learn more about owning a smoothie chain franchise with Smoothie King and how our business model can help you break into the growing industry.


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