Why Product Innovation Never Takes a Holiday Break at Smoothie King

A franchisee in the food or beverage business simply can’t survive without a constant flow of quality products that satisfy customer demand. That means franchisors have a responsibility to prioritize proactive product innovation. As Smoothie King has consistently demonstrated, franchise brands must stay on top of trends and deliver their franchisees the right products, at the right time for their customers.

For example, as research shows more Americans are taking a serious interest in what they put into their bodies, getting ahead of the holiday bulge in early October is top of mind. Health-conscious consumers worry that Halloween candy, heavy Thanksgiving dinners, and continual holiday season parties can take them off track of their goals. That’s why during this time of year, offering a filling meal replacement smoothie with 285 calories and 4g of fat per 20oz will appeal to every guest.

Fulfill Smoothie King Customers’ Purpose: Decadent Dieting

Smoothie King’s introduction of new, better-for-you, meal-replacement Dark Chocolate Smoothies is a prime example of how the brand adapts to nutrition-conscious consumers who are interested in decadent dieting. The new seasonal smoothies are made with 100-percent cocoa, boasting fewer than 300 calories while serving at least 14 grams of protein per smoothie. The dark chocolate flavors are paired with cherry, strawberry, and mint to satisfy the guests’ varying tastes and purposes.

In the months leading up to the holiday season, these dark chocolate smoothies are just as decadent and satisfying as many other holiday desserts, but without the excessive calories or lack of nutritional value. Smoothie King will offer guests the option to add 100-percent cocoa powder to any Smoothie King menu item. This gives customers the opportunity to customize their smoothies, all while helping them feel better about their eating choices. At the same time, dark chocolate is one of those rare foods that offer a variety of benefits while still appeasing almost any sweet tooth.

Sweet Business Practices for Smoothie King Franchisees

By providing customers with the dark chocolate smoothies as a nutritious alternative to traditional holiday desserts, Smoothie King franchisees are put in the best position to succeed this holiday season. Knowing some of their customers’ purpose is to look for a smart way to treat themselves, they can deliver with this innovative product.

Central to Smoothie King’s purpose as a business concept is empowering communities by offering a better-for-you, mindful alternative to the many unhealthy choices out there. Franchisees have a direct influence in helping to inspire people around them to live a healthy and active lifestyle, even during the most tempting months of the year.

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