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Successful New Product Launches

Our dedicated Research & Development team is constantly testing and introducing new product offerings to enhance the menu, drive traffic and sales for your smoothie business and, ultimately, meet the evolving needs of today's health conscious consumer. Smoothie King constantly works to meet guest demand with new Smoothie product launches that results in an increased market share and unit revenue growth.

Veggie Blends

Our unique Veggie Blends are the answer to our guests seeking a more pleasurable way to eat their vegetables. With four fantastic flavors, we make eating your vegetables more pleasurable than ever.

Chobani ®Greek Yogurt Smoothies

Partnering with Chobani® was a bold and powerful move for Smoothie King. The co-branding has elevated our brand, driven trial and changed guest preferences for their favorite smoothie. Most importantly, it has boosted same store sales.

Limited Time Offers (LTO's)

We are committed to maintaining a healthy schedule for LTO's with innovative products that are simply addictive.

Nutritious Highest Quality Blended to Order Meal Replacement

Perfect Combination

Purposeful nutrients, such as protein, fiber, electrolytes, etc., and high quality fruits combined for a perfect consistency.

High Quality Fruits

Our smoothies are made by using only the highest-variety fruits harvested in the best region in the optimum period.

Quality Proteins

Smoothie King offers a variety of high quality protein-reinforced smoothies to meet the strictest demands of health conscious and active guests.


Smoothies assist guests in maintaining their health by providing vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, and other nutrients in a delicious and drinkable snack or meal replacement.


Guests can add an Enhancer to any Smoothie King smoothie to meet their specific needs or goals, to include: Diet Down, Multi-Vitamin, Immune, Probiotic, Antioxidants, Energy, and Muscle Builder.

High quality fruits and proteins shown in Smoothie King Store
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