How Big is the Smoothie Market in 2021?

Updated April 20, 2021

Smoothie sales are skyrocketing. By 2025, the juice and smoothie industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.1 percent and achieve a market valuation of $17 billion.

An increasing number of health-conscious consumers, changing lifestyles and food habits and the health benefits associated with smoothies are primary drivers of the development.

At Smoothie King, we own one of the largest market shares of the booming smoothie industry. Our franchisees are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the trend for healthy diets and empower their guests to Rule the Day™.

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought changes and difficulties, it also brought tremendous opportunity, especially for smoothie franchises.

The market for smoothies is expanding with consumers’ rising interest in incorporating plant and fruit-based products in their diets to improve immunity.

With a shift in consumer habits, people are increasingly prioritizing their health and wellness. Thanks to this shift and steady year-over-year market growth, the market size of the smoothie industry, measured by revenue, is currently $2.7 billion.

Reprioritizing of Healthy Eating

The pandemic reminded us that our diets are inevitably linked with our health. This realization has prompted several consumers to change their eating habits, shifting to primarily eating foods that serve health-related purposes.

In fact, last year, more than 50% of consumers reported taking more supplements to support their immune health in 2020, according to Market Research.

A 2020 food and health survey from the International Food Information Council showed healthy ingredients and plant-based foods are essential to consumers. Last year, nearly three in 10 consumers increased their consumption of plant proteins.

Additionally, a 2020 IGD survey on healthy and sustainable eating showed healthier and more sustainable diets were a priority for over half of consumers.

It’s no secret that micronutrients are essential for maintaining a strong immune system. Vitamins are necessary for energy production, immune function and blood clotting, while minerals play an essential role in growth, bone health, fluid balance and several different processes.

Catering to a Changing Consumer

At Smoothie King, we understand that foods can enhance our immunity and overall health. We encourage our customers to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle, and we make smoothies that nutritionally support their health and fitness goals.

We pride ourselves on using whole fruits and organic veggies and never using syrups, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in any of our blends. After five years of research and development, we’ve created countless clean blended smoothies offering various combinations of whole fruits, organic veggies and nutritional enhancers that contribute to our consumers’ healthy, balanced diet and fuel overall nutrition.

With a record-breaking 263 locations opened in 2020, the Smoothie King franchise is labeled as a key competitor in the smoothie market.

There has never been a better time to join our smoothie franchise. Looking to join a leading franchise in a thriving industry? Get started by downloading the Smoothie King franchise kit today!


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