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The Global Smoothie Market 2017: Blending Convenience and Wellness

Apr 13, 2017

Consumers want better-for-you meal and snack options. In an age when fast food is prevalent around the world and people are constantly on the go, consumers want convenient, delicious and nutritious options. This combination of demands is driving vigorous growth in the smoothie market.

Because many people are altering their lifestyles to improve their well-being, they demand food items that contain nutritious ingredients, especially fruits and vegetables. They want to stave off hunger and keep up their energy. They are discovering smoothies are the ideal way to satisfy hunger, replace a meal and help them achieve a healthy and active lifestyle without having to stop what they’re doing during the day.

The purpose of this animated infographic is to show you how this nutrition-awareness trend is growing and the positive impact it’s having on the global smoothie market.

You will see how this demand is growing the smoothie market, including:

  • What today’s consumers want from what they eat
  • How health and wellness habits have changed
  • Where the strongest markets are
  • How you can tap into the thriving smoothie market

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