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Our Mission:

Inspire people to live a healthy & active lifestyle.

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Through knowledge, encouragement and, of course, great tasting Smoothies, we make it easy and enjoyable for our guests to stay motivated and keep coming back.

We are not just an occasional "treat," but rather a core part of our guests' health and fitness lives.

We make it enjoyable and easy to eat well-balanced foods in today's rushed lifestyle.

Whether you're an athlete recovering from a workout or a mom wanting to make it through the day, we help people stay on the go.

We are not just a healthy treat or an occasional meal alternative, but our vision is to be an integral part of our guests' complete health and fitness plans.

2013 Re-Branding

In July 2013, for the first time in twenty years, Smoothie King® introduced a new logo to dynamically represent the new Mission Statement of the Brand. The 'crown' symbol was redesigned to pay homage to the history of Smoothie King®, the originator of the fresh-blended, nutritional smoothie, while also representing people holding hands which symbolize healthy and active communities. Over the next year, Smoothie King® will be unveiling new design elements to complement the Brand’s new Mission and Logo.

New Store Design

The most impressive result of our new branding can be seen in the sophisticated and guest friendly design of our stores. While focused on creating intelligent traffic patterns and optimizing the guest experience, our new design features are something to be experienced. Inviting and fresh, Smoothie Kings purpose shines clear through the ability to understand its target audience. We also have incredible design prototypes for non-traditional units that can be found in airports, malls, and unique drive thru locations.

Our new store design was unveiled in our Ft. Lauderdale location in first quarter of 2014, with our most recent and slightly enhanced version of the design unveiled in the second quarter of 2014 in Metairie, LA.

New Store design showing countertop and shelves full of products.
New Store design showing empty store with seats and tables.
New Store design showing product shelves along the wall.
New Store design showing product shelves along wall from other angle.
New Store design showing outside of a new stand alone Smoothie King store.
New Store Design showing the main counter in center of store.
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