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How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Smoothie Franchise

Author: Smoothie King
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When it comes to marketing, one of the fastest-growing and highest-reaching platforms is social media. Not only is it helpful for staying in touch with friends and family, but it's a great way to grow your business.

At Smoothie King, we specifically offer our franchisees support for marketing and advertising and encourage them to utilize social media as a primary channel for reaching guests. Whether it's by solidifying your online presence, getting new guests in the door or retaining regular guests, there are so many ways to reap the benefits of social media marketing.

Where Do I Begin?

As with any marketing strategy, specific channels work best for certain industries. For health and wellness, many of our franchisees have seen success with Facebook and Instagram.

One common obstacle franchisees face is deciding what to post. Luckily, with such a unique and popular franchise model, the possibilities are endless.

From posting pictures of your products and "behind-the-scenes" photos of how our smoothies are made to highlighting your team members, events and promotions, you'll never run out of things to post. And, if you're in search of new ideas, there is a library of content created by our corporate team and they are always here to help!

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How Can I Attract New Guests on Social Media?

There are many ways your social media pages can help you reach new guests. One of the easiest methods to grow your presence in your local market is targeting those who would be most interested in our products.

Our guest base is extremely diverse, comprising of individuals from many backgrounds, of all different ages and with unique reasons behind their love for our smoothies. Many of our guests are passionate about their health and wellness– either because they have a medical condition requiring certain supplements or because they want to take preventative measures and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Some stop for a smoothie before or after their daily trip to the gym, on the way to school, the office, or during the weekends with their friends.

Tagging your location in your social media posts can help reach people in your local area. Using unique and relevant hashtags related to health and fitness will also help you reach more potential guests and make them aware of your location.

Finally, encouraging your guests to post about their favorite blends is an excellent way to build your presence beyond your own posts.

What Other Benefits Does Social Media Have for My Smoothie Franchise?

One of the reasons social media is such a robust marketing platform is because it can help in so many different areas. For instance, it can be used to spread the word about current promotions to keep guests returning to your location.

Meanwhile, highlighting your team members on your pages promotes a fun work culture. It can help with recruitment efforts, especially when so many businesses are currently struggling to find talent.

As you continue to pop up in your local feed, your posts can help you find other businesses to partner with or events to attend. For instance, the owner of a local gym may see your post about assisting residents in getting proper nutrients before a workout and, in turn, may want to partner with you for a promotion.

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You may also find that local chambers and organizations need sponsors or suppliers for events. They may see you on social media or vice versa. Your social accounts can even help promote events or contests that you host.

How Can the Smoothie King Corporate Team Help Me Grow My Business?

At Smoothie King, we pride ourselves on being available for our franchisees throughout their journey. This means that we don't simply stop checking in and providing support once you open your store. Our support is ongoing in all areas.

We have team members and resources designated explicitly to marketing and advertising, and you're sure to have all the help you need promoting your new or existing smoothie franchise.

Eager to learn more on how we can help make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality? Contact us today to learn more about the support we offer all our franchisees.

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