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How Public Relations Can Help You Grow Your Smoothie Franchise

Author: Smoothie King
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When it comes to owning a business, franchisees must not only focus on selling their products but also on marketing their business as a whole. At Smoothie King, we share a common goal with each of our franchisees: striving for success.

That’s why we have a whole team dedicated to investing in our owners and helping them bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life.

Of course, there is so much more to marketing than paid advertising and collateral. One facet that should never be overlooked is public relations. So, what is public relations, and how can it help you grow your franchise?

When you become a Smoothie King franchisee you will work directly with our Field Marketing Team to plan your grand opening and support your public relations needs throughout your time as a franchisee.

Smoothie King Grand Opening event showing the cutting of the ribbon

PR: An Organic Marketing Approach

Public relations is a facet of marketing that centers around information. For instance, think about some of your own favorite businesses. How did you hear about them? What do you know about them? How have they gotten involved in your community?

Perhaps you turned on the news one morning and saw a report on a new restaurant opening in town, or a cooking segment featuring local chefs. Odds are– the news didn’t go looking for these businesses and individuals.

Public relations is a form of earned media that consists of all the efforts that go into generating awareness of your business and getting guests in the door. Earned media means that while you’re getting publicity, you don’t need to pay an advertiser or record your own ad to air. Instead, you provide value that makes others want to publicize your business– either through a unique story, helpful tips or a great product.

Smoothie King tent with Smoothie King locals at a community event

Public relations can consist of interviewing with the media, hosting or participating in a local event or contest, inviting local media into your location for a “sneak peek,” speaking at a conference, being featured on a food critic’s online blog and even guest speaking on a podcast.

This exposure doesn’t necessarily have to focus directly on your products, but it can also focus on your journey, why you opened your business and how you got to where you are today. Our team will work diligently to make sure our franchisees are present in the media, across blogs and informing you of local events they come across.

Connecting With Your Local Community

One of the main pros of public relations is that it allows you to “put yourself out there” within your community. For example, let’s say your local town is hosting a holiday festival and you volunteer to help out. You wear your uniform with your logo on it and those around you take notice.

Smoothie King employee wearing logo with local community guests

This may spark up a conversation, where you can elaborate on your business. Even days after the event, a patron who noticed your logo may be looking for a new local beverage option and decide to try out the local Smoothie King they remember learning about at the festival.

Many of our franchisees are featured in their local media upon opening their Smoothie King location, and some even long after they had opened. We’ve even had a few Smoothie King owners host contests or events that have gained the attention of local media.

Gaining National Exposure for Your Smoothie Franchise

Sometimes, public relations can put your Smoothie King location on the map even far from home. Just take a look at the internet– these days, a user can post a video to YouTube, go to sleep and wake up to thousands of views. In many cases, businesses have gone viral as a result of a solid public relations strategy.

In the past, we’ve had franchisees make it into national business publications who were interested in reporting on their unique stories and what drove them to open their Smoothie King location(s).

The possibilities are endless, and our team is here to provide the outreach required to allow you the opportunity to gain exposure both locally and nationally.

Adding Value to Your Business

Finally, public relations is an excellent way to add value to an already recognizable brand. One of the fastest ways to grow your business over time is simply by word-of-mouth. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your business maintains a positive image in your community.

Smoothie King community

Between online reviews and social media, the experience you provide your guests goes a long way. A solid public relations strategy is a beneficial way to build and display a thriving reputation. We will provide you with the tools you need to have a strong online presence and respond to reviews as quickly and professionally as possible.

At Smoothie King, our mission is to help people live a healthy and active lifestyle, and we seek franchisees who encompass our values.

Showing others that you are driven and passionate reflects well both on you as a person and on your smoothie franchise as a whole.

Are You Ready to Generate Lasting Relationships?

Most importantly, public relations can help you increase your brand awareness and keep loyal guests coming back.

Receiving the exposure PR provides will ultimately help you make a positive impact on the lives of others through your business. Together, we can spread our mission to build healthier and active communities.

Looking to invest in a franchise that also invests in you? Contact us for more information on becoming a franchisee and the public relations support we provide!

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