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How Big is the Smoothie Market in 2020?

Author: Smoothie King

Smoothie sales are skyrocketing. By 2024, the juice and smoothie industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.98 percent and achieve a market valuation of $17 billion.


Increasing demand for healthy meal alternatives is a primary driver of the development, and smoothies are more frequently being seen as positive additions to a diet, rather than a sugary snack.

At Smoothie King, we own one of the largest market shares of the booming smoothie industry. Our franchisees are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the trend for healthy diets and empower their guests to Rule the Day™.

What’s Driving the Growth of the Smoothie Market?

Today, healthy eating is king, and people are asking for more than salads. The Smoothie market is poised to continue growing in 2020 as consumers increasingly seek out meal options that help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Modern consumers have certain demands for their healthy meals, many of which can be met by smoothies. Those demands include:

Meal alternatives
Quick, convenient and transportable
Preserve the dietary fiber in fruit and vegetables
Keep you hydrated
Easily digestible
Reduce the urge to snack

In addition to fulfilling the desires of many of our guests, Smoothie King is a brand that community members can feel proud to support – something consumers increasingly want. They want to give their money to businesses whose mission and purpose they support, and Smoothie King is one of those companies. Our mission is to help others live healthy, active lifestyles by serving delicious, nutrient-packed smoothies to help our guests progress their wellness journey.

Taking Smoothies Worldwide

Healthy, convenient meal options like smoothies are growing in popularity as younger generations gain larger shares of buying power. While North America has typically dominated the smoothie market, the increasing health consciousness of young generations is expected to fuel the growth of the smoothie market in the Asia-Pacific region, including countries like India and China.

Millennials are driving smoothie sales all over the world, and their demand for healthy and easy meals has revolutionized the restaurant industry.

55 percent of millennials say convenience is a top factor when buying food
Millennials want natural and organic ingredients
Millennials seek out healthy snacks in easily-transportable packaging

As consumers young and old increasingly demand nutritious, grab-and-go options, the smoothie market will continue to grow in 2020 and beyond.

At Smoothie King, we’re committed to providing the healthy meal alternative that our guests want as fast and delicious as they demand.

Our Clean Blends™ promise reassures guests they’re receiving a nutritious smoothie by incorporating more whole fruits and organic vegetables and excluding many unhealthy ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavoring.

Through our smoothies, service and strong business purpose, we have grown to become one of the leaders in the booming smoothie industry.

Take advantage of the fruitful smoothie industry and promote healthy living in your community through business ownership. Take a look at the next steps for franchising with Smoothie King!