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Most Recent Posts from March, 2019

  • Why Consumers are Leading the Charge for Cleaner Restaurant Franchises

    With varying tastes and diets around the world, “healthy eating” can look different to everyone. Still, one thing resonates globally – the call for cleaner ingredients and greater food transparency. ... Read More
  • 4 Reasons to Expand Your Multi-Unit/Multi-Brand Franchise Portfolio with a Smoothie Franchise

    Multi-unit franchising can be a successful way for individual entrepreneurs and investment groups to facilitate growth and wealth creation. However, a rapidly expanding segment of franchisees are not ... Read More
  • 3 Simple Ways Smoothie King Invests in Our Franchisees

    As a franchisor, we can relate to Smoothie King franchisees. With more than 25 corporate-owned locations, we experience many of the same challenges and victories as our franchisees. The shared ... Read More
  • The Ins and Outs of a Drive-Thru Smoothie Concept

    Although originally pioneered in the 1930s to expedite bank deposits, drive-thrus have almost become synonymous with modern-day fast food restaurants. And while drive-thrus have been mainstays at ... Read More