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Most Recent Posts from July, 2019

  • Community and Charity at the Heart of What these Smoothie King Franchisees Do

    Although charitable causes may not be at the forefront of every business owners’ mind, they have always been a priority for Brandi and John Sevieri. Smoothie King franchisees of eight years with three ... Read More
  • Why Smoothie King Was the Perfect Fit for a Millennial Franchisee

    It is no secret millennials are quickly emerging as the next generation of business owners and franchisees. They are categorized as being forward thinking, ambitious and adaptable – all qualities ... Read More
  • Why We Remain Dedicated to Product Innovation: New Stevia-Based Sweetener

    Smoothie King is committed to being an integral part of every health and fitness journey and is continually making strides to make nutrition-focused choices an easy and delicious option. Smoothie King ... Read More
  • Smoothie King Franchisee Takes Off with a Non-Traditional Smoothie Bar

    Tisha Skinner was the first franchisee to open a single-branded Smoothie King in an airport. Her pathway leading up to that point was marked by overcoming obstacles . Initially, she opened a Smoothie ... Read More
  • Multi-Unit Franchisees Make a Legacy Investment in Smoothie King

    New Orleans-based Smoothie King franchisees Yvette and Steve Shields understand a thing or two about legacy. For one, they have worked tirelessly to become multi-unit franchisees and create a business ... Read More
  • My First Year as a Smoothie King Multi-Unit Franchisee

    Dallas-based Smoothie King multi-unit franchisee, Austin Clinkscales, got his start in the most unlikely of places – working for RadioShack. Austin was a real estate manager for the electronics brand ... Read More
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