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3 Simple Factors Supporting Smoothie Franchise Growth

Author: Smoothie King

Franchisee success is paramount for Smoothie King, so we provide franchisees with an array of support to help them run purpose-driven locations efficiently.

Three important ways we help provide smoothie franchise owners with opportunities for growth are by staying true to our mission and vision, sharing with them an approach to providing exceptional service and investing in technology for their stores.

1. Operate by Mission and Vision

Running a successful smoothie franchise is about more than making blends taste better or reducing the cost of ingredients. It’s about being true to the brand’s mission and vision – inspiring our guests to live a healthy and active lifestyle and becoming an integral part of every health and fitness journey, respectively. This is applied through the products and sponsorships we make.

For example, we developed the Daily Warrior smoothie – a vegan-friendly, nutritious, 660-calorie (20 oz.) meal replacement smoothie that is designed to help raise awareness of the challenges many people face in meeting their daily caloric and nutritional needs – with the American Cancer Society. We also donate 25 cents from every bottle of water we sell to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which has a mission similar to ours for people living with physical challenges.

man in wheelchair drinking smoothie king smoothi

Smoothie King CEO, Wan Kim, says success will follow as long as the decisions we make comply with our mission and vision.

2. Be Fast, Accurate and Friendly

We’ve provided smoothie franchise owners with an approach to service – Fast, Accurate and Friendly – that can help drive growth. Guest satisfaction surveys have improved, which can translate to growth opportunities, since we implemented the approach in 2017.

Fast – We strive to get our smoothies made in under three minutes and 30 seconds, from the time a guest places an order to receiving it.

Accurate – The accuracy of our guests’ orders is very important. If their smoothie is not made properly, we will blend it again at no charge.

Friendly – We need to be engaging the guest and help them navigate the menu. This includes inquiring about their purpose and possibly making a suggestion. Making the emotional connection with the guest is very important for store success, as well as brand reputation.

“We’ve seen significant increases in overall guest satisfaction,” said Brian Judge, chief financial officer of Smoothie King.

3. Investments in Technology

Embracing and investing in technology to make the brand more accessible and convenient to all of our guests – especially millennials and members of Generation Z – also helps drive growth opportunities for our franchisees.

two people on bench drinking smoothie king smoothies

For example, our guests have an expectation of being able to customize their smoothies. Our recipe management system has been integrated with our point-of-sale (POS) system, which allows guests to customize their smoothie and receive a product with excellent mouth-feel and proper viscosity – every time. Basically, when guests order their smoothies and the employee enters it into the POS system, the recipe management system automatically produces the list of ingredients and their respective quantities for each order. It ensures that the employee will make each blend right the first time, and every time, which contributes to product consistency across the Smoothie King system. The consistency can help turn the occasional guest into a regular guest.

We will also roll out a new app in Q4 2018 with a new provider and functions that will allow for mobile pay and online ordering. The convenience is designed to help drive growth with incremental guest visits.

In the Hands of Smoothie Franchise Owners

While the corporate team at Smoothie King does a lot to help stores work toward success, franchisees are also responsible for driving growth at their locations too.

Franchisees need to utilize the support provided to them, which is intended to improve the guest experience – which, of course, can help spur growth. Franchisees can check their guest score cards to see how their store is performing and adjust accordingly, if need be.

“We firmly believe that when franchisees deliver great service and guest scores are high,” Brian said, “opportunities for growth will follow.”

If you’re interested in joining a brand with a purpose, download the Smoothie King franchise kit today.