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Most Recent Posts from August, 2017

  • Smoothie King to Become Big Brand on Campus

    People everywhere reminisce upon college fondly. A better-for-you snack option on a college campus has the potential to create valuable habits of early adulthood. Smoothie King’s new on-campus ... Read More
  • Smoothie King Franchisees Help Honor Memory of 11-Year Old Nephew

    One October afternoon in 2015, Woodbridge, Virginia Smoothie King franchisees Katie and Richard Benjamin received heartbreaking news. Katie’s 11-year-old nephew, Colby Smith, had been tragically ... Read More
  • How Smoothie King’s Supply Chain Ensures Happy Guests and Franchisees

    When you invest in systems that promote positive experiences and happy guests, franchisees will show their love for your brand. “A seamless supply chain is one that franchisees and guests shouldn’t ... Read More
  • Seeking Multi-Unit Franchise Growth

    As a franchisee, you’re responsible for everything from operations to business development and human resources. Operating a single unit for a first-time business owner can pose many challenges. The ... Read More
  • Why this Smoothie King Franchisee Gives Back to Local Schools

    The ability to give back to the community is among the top priorities for many small-business owners. And while many intend to make charity work a significant aspect of their business, it can be ... Read More
  • Smoothie King in Constant Pursuit of Smoothies With a Purpose

    Proactive product innovation has always been the cornerstone of Smoothie King’s growth. Smoothie King’s research and development team are constantly testing and introducing new product offerings to ... Read More
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