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A Smoothie Franchise That Practices What It Preaches

Author: Smoothie King
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At the start of every year, Smoothie King launches its Change a Meal Challenge to help guests achieve success with their annual weight-management resolutions. Through the challenge, we provide an achievable goal of exchanging at least one meal per day with one of Smoothie King’s 20 meal replacement smoothies. Each of the delicious blends is under 400 calories for a 20-ounce cup, yet each contains at least 10 grams of protein to help you feel satisfied.

Our objective with this annual challenge is to help our guests achieve their resolution goals in a convenient and nutritious way while encouraging them to make meal replacement smoothies a regular part of their daily ritual. This provides a recognizable benefit for Smoothie King franchisees in motivating repeat business and customer loyalty.

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Smoothie King heavily promotes the challenge through in-store POP signage, social media sharing tools, and other marketing to get as many guests involved as possible. Ultimately, this helps us deliver our brand mission: Inspiring people to live healthy and active lifestyles.

Walking the Walk

The Change a Meal Challenge is a worthwhile story on its own. In fact, it’s inspired many of our guests to share their experiences. However, if our brand didn’t also live our message, it wouldn’t be as authentic. That’s why the corporate team lives and breathes the brand’s core mission with an internal challenge of its own, the Biggest Loser Contest.

Jessica Roques, Smoothie King franchise development coordinator and an active Biggest Loser Contest participant, recently shared an insider’s view of the initiative.

Starting in early January and running through the end of June, the contest is broken down into three target areas:

  • Percentage of Weight Loss
  • Percentage of Body Fat Loss
  • Million Step Challenge

Coinciding with the Change a Meal Challenge, the Biggest Loser Contest helps the corporate and field support teams focus on specific, achievable goals in order to live a healthy and active lifestyle—not necessarily to lose weight, which is why there are three options for participating.

“We didn’t want The Biggest Loser Contest to encourage yo-yo dieting,” Jessica explained.

Having the contest run for roughly half a year encourages participants to make meaningful lifestyle changes instead of following a highly restrictive diet for short-term gains.

A Challenge for Body and Mind

For many people, getting started and maintaining lifestyle changes is an effort to achieve their goals.

“I had never followed through with a diet before, so this was a big challenge for me,” said Jessica. “In January, I began by omitting a bunch of things from my diet, including processed foods, carbohydrates and sugar.”

Many of the changes in Jessica’s eating habits fell in line with the Whole 30 Program. The guidelines for this diet include avoiding sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy and a number of other ingredients.

“One of the interesting parts of the diet was that you’re not supposed to step on a weight scale or count calories,” Jessica noted.

Instead of being restrictive with calories, it’s the ingredients that are more important to avoid.

Outside of diet, Jessica also made a big change in the way she organized her day. Alongside four to six coworkers, Jessica would also head to the gym during lunch about 3 – 4 times per week. Fortunately for the Smoothie King corporate team, there’s a gym across the street from headquarters. The lunch workout would alternate between high-intensity interval training workouts and yoga.

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“Having work friends to go with me to the gym was a great way to stay motivated,” Jessica said. “Smoothie King also reimburses employees for a part of their gym memberships, which is another great incentive to stay active.”

The result? Jessica lost 12 pounds by the end of January. On top of the physical transformation, she’s noticed that she’s more alert and focused at work, and she has a lot more energy when she gets home from the office in the evening.

Extending Beyond “Resolution Season” 

In addition to the Biggest Loser Contest, the Smoothie King corporate team encourages staff to participate in quarterly team events. During the fall, there’s a volleyball league with between 20–25 teams made up of 10–12 players each. The teams are segmented into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They play for about two and a half months, leading up to a championship for the respective levels.

Meanwhile, quarterly team events, such as laser tag and bowling outings, are held to encourage team building and a healthy and active lifestyle.

For more information about becoming a smoothie franchise owner with a brand that’s dedicated – inside and out – to encouraging people to live healthy and active lifestyles, download our Franchise Kit.

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